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There will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom because of the technology

Hi everyone, I'll take the ielts next month. help me with my essay <3 <3 <3

As technology are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

necessity of teachers in classroom

Today, technology has become a vital part of the development of educational systems all over the world. While I accept that digital devices can make a huge contribution to the effective acquirements of learners, I believe the roles of teachers at school is irreplaceable.

On the one hand, integrating processing equipment into classrooms can be efficient, serviceable and functional. Students often pay more attention to lessons displayed or illustrated on modern devices because those things could make the lessons more updatable and vivid while traditional teaching methods are too familiar and sometimes boring with learners. Moreover, technology could encourage students to self-study, help them cooperate with friends easily when it comes to school projects and facilitate them to improve their technical skills.

However, I would argue that people shouldn't allow processing equipment to take the place of educators at school. From an educational perspective, students attend school not only to acquire academic knowledge but also to learn soft skills and build a good personality. And through the love and the interaction in classroom, educators are able to create a positive school environment and teach their students to be responsible, to be respectful towards adults, to be friendly and cooperative with their friends, what digital devices are not capable of teaching and conveying. Furthermore, teachers has the ability to understand the weaknesses and strengths of each students in the class and base on these points to find the suitable way help their students rectify their deficiencies.

In conclusion, it seems to me that the necessity of teachers in classroom is unarguable and technology is just a useful tool for educators to strengthen the quality of all lessons.

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Kaylee, since you have not posted the complete and proper prompt requirement for this essay, I have to point out that you have done a disservice to others here who wish to help you. We require all of the students to post the complete prompt requirements for the reference of all the participants at this forum. Kindly remember to do so with your next postings. As for me, I am familiar with the topic you are discussing because I am a contributor here. As such, I can tell you that this essay will get a failing score in an actual setting because it does not follow the prompt instructions. The correct prompt for this essay (for the benefit of others concerned) is as follows:

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.Do you agree or disagree?

Your opening statement, which is supposed to simply be a restatement of the above prompt has totally changed the required parameters for your discussion. This proves that your English comprehension skills are lacking and you are unable to properly analyze and respond to a given English topic and discussion instructions. You did not properly paraphrase the statement and as a such, ended up discussing a totally different essay topic in your written work. The proper paraphrasing of this prompt would have been along the lines of:

These days, more and more computers are being placed in classrooms to aid in the education of students. Due to the proliferation of computers as a teaching tool, there are some who believe that teachers will soon no longer be needed in order to teach lessons in a classroom. I am not in agreement with this belief due to a number of reasons that will be discussed in this essay.

The original prompt requires you to opt to defend only one side of the discussion. Not discuss both sides of the matter in the essay. Had you analyzed the essay properly or asked someone to help you by explaining the prompt requirements, you would not have made such a serious error in your manner of essay topic response.

The example opening statement that I provided you shows the proper method of paraphrasing the prompt, delivering on the prompt instructions, and offering the necessary discussion method at the end of the introduction. Kindly keep this format in mind the next time you write a practice test. More importantly, please never forget to post the prompt requirements or original instructions when you ask us to review your next practice essay.

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