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When is Rome, do as the Romans do. Acceptation for the foreign culture. Direct question essay.

Jimmy879873 26 / 55 13  
Nov 1, 2017   #1
It is often said "When is Rome, do as the Romans do". Do you think people should adapt and accept the culture of the country they are visit? Do you think it is possible to learn a culture without learning the language.

culture and a visited country

It is a common belief that follows the customs of the people when visiting another country. In my opinion, the acceptance and to be willing to adapt one's culture in exploring another country is accountable. Furthermore, it is inevitable to learn a culture without knowing its locals language. In this essay, I will discuss my ideas below.

To begin with, people should accustom themselves into the culture within a country while they are visiting. Particularly, the act of granted visa from other countries of its government is a trusted and respected permission to its people whoever require for it. Thus, by visiting a country with any type of visa is implied one's should learn how to accept and be open-minded to its own culture of the nation.

Moreover, it is impossible for people to learn the culture without knowing its language. Becuase of the slang words, idioms and the grammatical structures that aid to convey its messages and information to one another in the country. The unknown to its language in the community would lose a powerful and effective access to the information and so as the culture itself.

Additionally, a culture is formed by its people. Without any actual communication to the locals, it would be extremely hard for one to succeed in gaining a deeper understanding of another cultural society. Hence, language is absolutely crucial in terms of getting to know its culture that in a country.

To conclude, some believe that going to another country, ones must respect and learn to adapt its culture and I agree. Because the visa is a granted trust to the people who wanted to visit. And also, by learning the foreign language, it would be an access to learning a culture.

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supapatw 2 / 3  
Nov 1, 2017   #2
Hi, @Jimmy879873
Let's me try to give to you some suggestion, your essay wrote answer directly to the topic that is good but I think maybe you could give extra information such as some example or experience. That might interesting.

Good Luck !!
Holt [Contributor] - / 8,643 2524  
Nov 1, 2017   #3
SG, I think your overall score for this direct question essay could fall under the marker of 6. Your paraphrasing shows that you understood the question and how you had to respond to it. The problem, is that you treated it like an opinion essay (I will discuss my ideas below) when you were only directed to immediately present your opinion at the end of the paraphrase. The actual discussion build up was in the next paragraphs and you did not have to say that anymore. Your discussions are understandable but not properly developed in terms of cohesiveness, cohesion, and grammar structure. That did not affect the way that the reader understood your presentation though so you got a consistent 6 in the scoring considerations. This is a pretty good, passable essay. You just need to improve on your grammar structure and sentence development presentations.

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