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All round or specialized? Broad knowledge and specialized knowledge.

Aug 12, 2011   #1
I'm new here, and this my first thread. Please pick out any mistake I have made. And revise this article, Thanks.

Having a broad knowledge and specializing in one special subject are two contradictory options. Acquire knowledge from different subjects offer people extensive choices which can make contributions to their future career. Being a specialist in a particular course also play a significant roll not only in nowadays. Not only in people's development, but also in the whole society. Because this society need specialist to study in one field further to make more contribution.

First of all, any disciplines are not isolated, different subjects are associated. People with a broad knowledge can think thoroughly and become considerate. In this way, when people facing unpredictable difficulties, they can figure out more than one solution toward the problems. Like the Project Apollo, it was an unprecedented project, so it was more difficult to achieve. Therefore, scientists in different field were participated in to make sure this plan success. Physicists design the rocket that suit for space flight; mathematicians calculate orbits of the rocket. And ensure the rocket can fly accurately, avoid it being off the track; chemists choose the fuel of the Apollo. Guarantee the rocket's launch and return. It is the effort that made by all scientists let the Apollo launched into space.

However, people specialize in particular subject are also crucial to our modern society. Specialize in one subject make people explore further in his career, and become more professional in this field. For example, as a great scientist, Albert Einstein was not as good as famous mathematicians in the same period. But in his major Physics, he did fantastic. The well-known relativity theory that he put forwarded, lead modern Physics into a new stage. With the further develop of his theory, Atomic Bomb was made, and put in to use in the World War 2. And it helps the Allied forces win the final victory.

To sum up, broad knowledge and specialized knowledge are both important.

Aug 13, 2011   #2
I think first of all, you should point out what the clash is between "being all rounded" with "specialized in a certain field". After that, then you start explaining how they clash. For example you can write, "Having an all rounded knowledge and specialized knowledge differentiates someone's status in the society", then you explain how different they are.

Your ending "To sum up, broad knowledge and specialized knowledge are both important" is really nice, but you need to elaborate it. Why are they important? In what way? Even if you already mentioned them in your previous paragraphs, you still need to link it back. You could add "Because without either one, the society would not be complete" or something like that.

This is only my opininion though. I think you have good arguments, but they need to be more clear & elaborated :)
Aug 13, 2011   #3
Thanks for your advise Dian, I will make some modifications to my article.
And...I also put up this article to a forum in China. Some people think this essay isn't sticks to the topic. Do you think so?
Aug 17, 2011   #7
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