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The rules, which were made by societies, pave the way to the next generations

shiva11 2 / 1  
Nov 19, 2016   #1
The rules that the whole societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict

In my childhood, using a video player or a CD player was offense and had a punishment in my home country. Whereas, nowadays, people have widespread access to various information sources, the internet, videos and so on. This is because of the rules changing between generations. Contrary to those who contend that today rules are rigid for the young people; I am of the opinion that laws are not hard. Leading young people to a right path and decrease the crime in the society are the main reasons why I hold this point of view.

The first point, which merits attention, would be that young people have a desire to experience everything and sometimes, it prompts them to the wrong way and poses a severe problem for them. I think laws and penalties are key factors for control the youth. In other words, severity is like a shake which warning people of an adverse effect of their behavior. As a result, rules enable young people to select the right path and behave in a mature way. A prime example from my brother experience may shed some light on this point when my brother was 15 years old he was punished because of smoking in the school. He should be worked in the library of the school throughout the summer. It seemed to be hard fine but helped my brother to give up the smoking forever.

There is also a more subtle point we must consider. Each society modifies the rules with regard to public health. It means all societies strive to reduce crimes and enhance life standards. When people accept the rules and obey them, the legislations change to culture and convey from one generation to another. As a result, rules play a productive role in establishing a regularity and discipline in the society. For instance, 10 years ago people encounter with the penalty for throw away a plastic trash in the street in Turkey country. People have followed this law and now a new generation has a positive attitude toward this, not as a rule but as a culture.

All in all, if all the factors are contemplated we can reach this conclusion that not only young people benefit from societies' rules and find out the ways to realize positive things from negative but also societies pave the way to next generations, because of correct the values and make civilization.

tasnimf 1 / 2  
Nov 19, 2016   #2
... CD player was an offense and had...

... from my brother's experience may (...) on this point; when my brother was 15 years old, he was punished ...

He should behad to workworked in the library of the schoolschool librarythroughoutover the summer. It seemed to be hard fine( this part is confusing) but helped my ...

Your essay is very nice and well organized. There are only a couple grammatical errors or some areas which needs a bit more clarity, however the development and the points presented are really good!

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