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salaries of sports professionals and other fields' professionals

Ida 1 / -  
Aug 21, 2011   #1
Annual statistics show 45% of sports professionals earn more than what they really deserve.Nowadays, young people prefer to play a sport professionally ,since, they think that they will be able to earn lots of money in the future. It is believed that people who are involved in other important professions earn less than sports professionals. There are two views regarding this statement; some people believe that it is quite fair and reasonable, while some believe that it is unfair.

There exists a common belief that sports professionals should be paid more, since,they encounter with lots of harsh situations. To begin with, most of the times they are far from their family, due to their intensive excercises.For instance, last month, one of the eminent football players, who was invited to an interview on television, said that 'I was not beside my wife when she gave birth to our first child'.Furthermore,it is believed that many injuries may occur to sports players during their exercises, therefore if their injuries are very serious, they can't work anymore to afford the families expenses, so they should save money in advance.

However, the majority of people think that paying more money to sports professionals is absolutely unfair. They believe that almost many other professions are important for society, as well and all the people strive a lot to make the both ends meet, therefore there should not be any discrimination.Moreover,most of the times ,educated individuals complain about their low salaries and they believe that most sport players do not have academic degrees, while their salaries are more.

To sum up,as mentioned above, some people believe that it is unfair that sports professionals earn more money than others,while there are some who think that, it is quite reasonable. In my view all professionals in any field should be paid equally and there should not be any discrimination.

reidabook 6 / 19  
Aug 21, 2011   #2
I like it but you should argue your point during the paper and not just state it at the end

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