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Same national curriculum; imbalance in the development rather than the intended unity for the school

Ssakshijain 28 / 146 87  
Nov 17, 2015   #1
Time taken : 30 minutes A nation should require their students to follow the same national curriculum until the students enter the college.

Every child has its own potential of learning and every teacher has its own capability of teaching. Following the same national curriculum for the students until they enter college could lead to imbalance in the development rather than the intended unity for the schools.

We are aware of the diverse personalities of students , some are inclined towards excellence and some are more towards the basics. Following the same curriculum could hamper the development of the individual trait of a student. Some students tend to learn fast and some lacks behind everyone in class. In order to improve this, teachers need to divide the students and teach them according to their capabilities. If the teacher would still follow the same study plan for every student, there are less chances of improvement in the class. Thus, I believe that same pattern of study could not only prove futile for the less intelligent persons but also would lead to overall poor result of the nation if less students are benefited by this.

Secondly, teachers too have their own level of perception and way of teaching. Some are expert teachers and can improve the grades of the students under them. They can distinguish which pupil can do better and should be provided with more of knowledge , but if curriculum would restrict them from this, then it will not only abandon the child from privilege but also would restrict the growth as a teacher. This is because teachers if not get a chance to study and teach more beyond their present level , it would restrict them too from getting the superior knowledge.

Thirdly, not all teachers can be well capable enough of following the same curriculum . Everyone has its own style of teaching and may fail to follow the required scenario thus, would harm the child progress if they fail to perform well according to the conditions. Then , those children would perform less and their future could be compromised.

On the other hand, if every teacher would be taught to follow under the same standards and to maintain the uniformity of study in the nation, it can lead to a nation with equal education and equal knowledge. No doubt this marks the equality in education but not practical as every child and teacher has its own requirement.

In a nutshell, I would say following the same protocol for students is a good example of marking national unity but when it come to individual student's progress, I rely more on individual assessment and following the plan of study according to the child and teacher's capabilities plus the conditions under which knowledge is taught.

ochio 13 / 10 5  
Nov 18, 2015   #2
Every child has its own potential of learning ...

Every child has own interests and potentials in their studies and every teacher has their own learning methods. I believe that stick to the curriculum designed by government until enter college could lead to imbalance in students' education. So, it is more effective if the government authorizes schools to create their own syllabus according to the teacher capabilities and the competence of the students.

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