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Satire Essay -Rights of Handicapped Children (lack of)

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Jan 2, 2008   #1
Dear EssayForum moderator,

I am having a lot of trouble on my satire essay on the rights of handicapped children and it is due tomorrow. In my essay, I have to, and do not quite know, how to incorporate some of the following characteristics of satire: irony, wit, humor (to some extent), hyperbole, caricature, and persuasive strategies such as appeal to logic, emotion, ethical arguments, repetition and parallel structure. Finally, I am having trouble writing a strong conclusion (I have not written one yet, but I do not know how to continue) and it would be very appriciated if someone can please help me with this. Thank you.

Here is my essay so far.

Dear Editor,

Recently I read in one of your articles that mentally disabled people should have rights and should be considered as people, however I hotly contest your opinion because mentally retarded people deserve no rights whatsoever.

Today in the modern world there is a problem of overpopulation, and a fear that resources will be depleted within the next 100 years. Therefore, in order to counterbalance the positive feedback inhibition, and return the population and resources to equilibrium I propose that we rid the United States, and hopefully the rest of the world, of mentally disabled people. After all, even the ancient Spartans of Greece understood this, since the stronger the babies, the stronger the nation. The Spartans selectively chose, and trained males to become warriors and fight for the nation. At birth, the Spartans weighed each male baby to determine if he was fit to become a future warrior. If the baby was under a certain weight, or deformed, it would be killed instantly. In order for our nation to succeed, the same must be done to mentally disabled people.

In the United States there are approximately 48.9 million people that have a disability such as being handicapped and half of these people have a severe disability. These people, if they can be considered as such, are not able to do most things by themselves and are of no use to the society and are parasites since they consume resources and do not work to replenish them. Mentally retarded "people" don't deserve rights and should even be killed as soon as the disease is apparent. Not only are they slobs that leech off the earth, but they also are burdens to friends and family, since the family has to waste time, energy and money to take care of these vermin. If we rid the planet of these creatures, then we can have more resources for the people, the people who work day for day to sustain themselves.

Does it seem intelligent, even reasonable, that we give special privileges to mentally retarded people? Special parking is not going to help them conquer their disease, and nor is it going to help us find a convenient parking spot. Although this may seem like a trivial inconvenience, many inconveniences add up and make it problematic for able bodied people to do their jobs. Most importantly, it takes us lots of time and energy to explain to these people how to do things properly, so is it reasonable to give them special privileges for wasting our time? Also, is it really important that we sustain people to live well beyond their age through medical science? Sure the technology exists, but wouldn't it be more practical to use the money, time and energy to fix up able bodied people so that they can go about doing their jobs? These people have no right to use technology that they can not even fathom, and are ungrateful brutes that live off of machines; not even recognizing how much time and energy is invested upon them.

Science and history aside, socially if we sustained these people, they would be even more challenged in a rapidly progressing modern world, since they would be further mocked and ridiculed. To explain things to these people takes greater time, money, energy and effort. These people will suffer social isolation at school and work since they are stupid and take longer time to comprehend things. Ridding them from the earth would have many benefits for them since they would not have to endure social awkwardness, and will help normal people have more resources. In addition, retarded people need to be infantilized and checked upon frequently, wasting the valuable energy of able bodied workers. This would also frustrate the worker and the "victim", since the worker wastes time and the victim ungratefully wait for someone to attend upon him. These handicapped victims aren't victimized but rather they victimize others into doing work for them like slaves. People who want to help mentally disabled people hide behind that façade to hide their true feelings of hatred for handicapped people. If parents killed their handicapped child at birth, there would be no feelings of remorse since that child could never grow up, and the child itself is spared further ridicule from living in the modern world.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,708  
Jan 3, 2008   #2

You've done a good job so far with what is undoubtedly a challenging assignment! One thing that makes something humorous is that it contains an element of truth, while taking that truth to an exaggerated or ridiculous extent. For example, if you said that mentally handicapped people are incapable of fully participating in the social fabric of American life because they fail to appreciate the finer aspects of such entertainment greatness as "Dodgeball" or Rob Schneider's "The Animal."

Remember that a strong conclusion summarizes the points you made previously in your essay and, in this type of essay, should probably end with a humorous sentence.

I hope this helps!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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