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Whether save endangered species is a waste of valuable resources

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Aug 31, 2011   #1
Trying to save endangered animal species from extinction is a waste of valuable resources.
Do you agree or disagree. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experiences.

Under a situation of finitude sources whether should we save endangered species or not present a dilemma lesson for modern human. Many people may question why spend money and put effort to save them? Even cite extinction is part of natural order, what make them special to be saved since countless species have come and gone. The following essay I will target on some of the reasons why they deserve to be saved.

First, although distinction does occur naturally, unfortunately the accelerating decline of our wild animals is less and less resulted to natural events. Most of dangers to wildlife are from habitat loss and degradation, environment pollution, the introduction of exotic (non-native) organisms, and overexploitation; all generally a direct result of human activities.

Second, conserve endanger species is not an entirely costly business but maybe a profitable action of humankind. Shark is one of notorious endangered species. Nevertheless, according to the recent scientific research carries out, the brain of shark may have constituent which can help human from mental deteriorating, and the venom of snakes has also been researched in medical fields. Protect and conserve diversity of natural is also value for human activities such as education, recreation and the most important is that it balanced the biological chain which is important for ecosystem.

Yet, the strongest argument of persevering endangered species is that all species has its intrinsic value to exit. Furthermore, since we are the only beings who have evolved by natural selection that led to possesses the ability to save the others, shouldn't we proud of this and exert the gift to protect the others?

In conclusion, even if saving endangered species has no readily goodness to us, does not mean it is not related to the whole planet's biological system. It is worthwhile to adopt this kind of action to prevent unforeseen loss.

Any suggestions are welcome. Please help me out. This is my first time to prepare IELTS essay writing, I'm afraid I misunderstood the meaning of the topic, especially I'm confused when should refer to both side, and when should refer to only one side.

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