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School subjects will influence in student's future - Physical Education - IELTS TASK 2

Anfalia 40 / 56 23  
Oct 20, 2014   #1
Because of the pressure of new subjects such as business studies, many schools have dropped sport or physical education (PE) from the curriculum
How important is sport or PE in a young person's education?

Young generations are nation's expectation that have responsible life to make their country be better than previous by learning some subjects in their education. These days, the education horizon is booming with the new subject: business studies. While several students have a solid personal argument that learning business is the first step to gain wealthy life, the educational stakeholders tend to ignore the proper study like sport or physical education in curriculum that actually has hardly important role to be learned by students. This following essay will explain clearly the prominent aspects of learning sport or physical education for a young person's education.

Physical education has already provided in the curriculum since earlier education. Although once a week to study the lesson, it would be benefit for students to get healthy life. The important factors in learning physical education for students are; firstly, this subject trains students to keep their healthy life. Their body will be fit and fresh to do their activity because the circulation of their blood is working well. Other than consume nutrition food, they also should balance their body life by doing some exercises. An obvious example could be taken for this case is sport subject that taught in school once a week. It takes some merits for students as they had been stressful of main lesson in the class. The further prominent tract of physical education is to gain more spirit. When students study about sport, they have almost habit-forming to always play; even they want to compete with their friends to be the greatest among others. This is fact that sport can build students' spirit. And, the last is preventive of illness. By often doing exercise, some diseases could be prevented by students because they acquire a strong immunity system in their body.

However, by the time goes by for this era, sport study is not a proper lesson that should be obligated by students to learn detail. Based on some arguments that sport cannot create the wealthy life in the future; whereas, people life in this world should earn plenty of money. One of interesting subject to be learned is studying business. It gains beneficial for pupil's future especially to derive job in companies. The evidence-based approach, a well-known aspect nowadays is having a business, creating a job and providing job vacancy for applicants; however, they will be richer fast. Hence, that is matter of fact that they tend to ignore sport subjects which actually is so really crucial for them.

In conclusion, school subjects will influence in student's future; not only for career but also the students' physical body. It could be better for students to obtain more knowledge in sides, physical education and business studies. They will derive the bright horizon in their career by learning business studies; also, they will obtain well-being life. Furthermore, government should provide and focus on both education curriculum; theory and practical; physical and science.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Oct 20, 2014   #2
You need to include some scientific facts to support your arguments. By doing so, readers won't categorize this as hearsay ideas.
Here are some facts retrieved from Google:

In Portugal and Scotland, it is mandatory for schoolchildren to attend PE classes. However, pupils only spend 2 hours per week in class. ITB as one of the prestigious universities in Indonesia always includes PE in its curriculum for freshmen.

A 2007 American study shows that students spending 56 hours of PE in a year profoundly gained academic attainment in standardized testing if compared to those who had only 28 hours of this.

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