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Schools should decide whether they continue with School Uniforms ; Persuasive Paper

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Apr 4, 2012   #1
Hello I am in the need for someone to help me write a 3 page paper about school uniforms. THe requirements are 3 pages, double-spaced, work-cited page has to be on its own page. I would really like it if someone would tell me what I need to take out or put in to make it sound better. Also if you can find out the websites for the three body paragraphs that would help me a lot because I can't seem to remember where I found these. If you feel the need to change something because its wrong or doesn't sound right, please let me know because I am open for any suggestions. Thank-you very much. ~wolflover01

School Uniforms

I remember when I was back in elementary school when I didn't have the cutest clothes or when i didn't have the best stuff or I was with the latest fashion trend but my friends would still not except me. Some days I felt as though I didn't belong with them. Some days school uniforms can be a good thing, but on other days it can be a bad thing. It can often lower self-esteem. School uniforms can show what people are feeling just by the way they dress, if people wear uniforms it won't be able to show what people are feeling. School uniforms can be bad and good but not at the same time.

I think school uniforms would be a bad thing because then no one can show off their beauty. They will always have to wear the same things every day of school. It can often lower self-esteem by people picking on others. It often leads to bullying because everyone says how stupid another person looks the same clothes, so therefore it causes a lot of drama. Its okay when you wear school uniforms when you're in a sport or extracurricular activity but when it's just everyday school clothes then it's just wrong to do that. It's also okay when people have dress up days that way kids don't look alike so then people don't get made fun of. Many students of public schools now believe that there should not be school uniforms because of its restraining of student's freedom of expression. Some students believe that school uniforms will/may lead to inappropriate hairstyles, jewelry, and/or even sometimes makeup.

So by restricting students of their clothing choices, they will still try to find a way to show their personality through their hair, jewelry, hairstyles, and makeup. Students will feel like they won't have much freedom as those without school uniforms. Students would want to have uniforms in school because they think, "Oh, no one will pick on me because now I am not different from anyone else." but you are wrong because you will still get picked on. Even if it won't be physically it may be mentally or emotionally, but if it isn't mentally or emotionally then it will be physically. There might me fights through the school uniforms saying, "Oh I am so much better looking in this than her." and there would be lots of drama and in all actuality there would never be a winner with school uniforms because it is your opinion on what you think of school uniforms. It would also have to deal with dress codes because some girls would try to have their chest showing and with guys already not wearing belts, just think how that would be if there would be a school uniform policy because then guys would have to wear belts.

In some public schools the faculty say that it is a better way to know that students won't get in trouble by the way they dress. Students may not have as much freedom but then they won't be in as much trouble as they would be if they had school uniforms. It can also build school spirit. School uniforms would in some ways be a good thing because then they would have to follow the dress code, they wouldn't be able to wear tight clothes and they wouldn't be able to wear baggy clothes because then that would be against dress code. In this school I see guys with their pants all the way down to the bottom of their bottoms so then you can see their boxers, now to me that is just gross and I don't understand why guys dress like that but if we were in a school where there were school uniforms that would not be allowed.

In these paragraphs that I have done I have told you about how school uniforms can be a good thing and how it could be a bad thing. In my case as much as I would like to have school uniforms I don't think it would be a good idea because guys already try to go against dress code and the girls try to get by with their short shorts but like it says in our action planners and the student handbook girls can not have too short of shorts that go short than the tip of their middle finger, and with guys it says that guys are to wear a belt if their pants are passed their bottom. Anyway it's the school's decision to have school uniforms or not so decide now if you want school uniforms or not because if you continue to dress the way you do, the school might just decide to go to school uniforms.

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