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Are both schools and parents responsible for children's unhealthy lifestyle?

siddiqumar 15 / 8 8  
May 7, 2015   #1
Many children these days have an unhealthy lifestyle. Both schools and parents are responsible for solving this problem.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

These days, perfect health in the way of life is a vital aspect in human life. As such, a number of children have unhealthy lifestyle as they cannot handle themselves. For this reason, both schools and parents play an important role to tackle this problem. Therefore, I would argue that although children have bad habits, both schools and parents have a big influence for their behavior.

To begin with, there are several factors that cause children have unhealthy lifestyle. First of all, parents have less awareness to their children as they prefer to spend lots of time in the office. For example, parents prefer giving money to children to buy foods in school canteen than give them home-prepared foods. In addition, children tend to play anywhere they want even though the places are dirty since they do not understand more about the effects. Also, schools do not provide a healthy training and clean environment around the schools.

To tackle this problem, schools have to provide clean environment and hygiene foods at canteen and then make a tight regulation to forbid students to buy foods outside. Take Jakarta international school as an example, there are some fresh fruits and hygiene meals at school canteen and also schools provide many garbage bins in front of every class. As a result, there is no doubt that schools are able to influence children to obtain healthy lifestyle.

In addition, cooking hygiene foods at home is a must for parents so as to children do not eat unhealthy meals because the majority of parents are more likely to have less time together with their children. For instance, some employees in a large industrial city tend to cook fresh vegetables and meats before going to the office. Consequently, children will not eat foods outside and parents do not have to worry about their children. It is clear that parents' influence can alter children's bad habits.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that although children prefer eating unhealthy meals than consuming hygiene foods since they do not understand more about the effects, I strongly believe that both schools and parents play an essential role to solve this problem and children must be taught how to keep healthy lifestyle.

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