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[IELTS]schools should provide courses to train students how to manage money

jamliu0229 9 / 24  
Aug 29, 2011   #1
All elementary or high schools should provide courses to train students how to manage money as it is an important life skill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

How to utilize money effectively is a vital issue to all family individuals in modern society. Consequently, some parents advise schools to give rise to educate students how to save their money and how to consume appropriately. From my point of view, I approve that primary and secondary schools should settle a curriculum of money management for students to cultivate good consuming habits from an early age.

One point which I believe to be absolutely pivotal is the fact that children lack of conception of money management. Todays, most families afford a sum of money to support their children to be educated and live in ease and confortable. To be more specific, they tend to pay their children affluent pocket money. However, they have less attention on how to use this money by their children. Accordingly, some students without their parent's supervision spent this money on playing games in Internet bar or purchasing luxury playthings. To be worse, if they addicted to the internet games, their pocket money would use up quickly. Afterwards, they may borrow money from their classmates or friends. It will lead to severity consequences, such as violence, brigandage and blackmail.

Additionally, perhaps the strongest argument in favour of educating children money management is that of children nicer consuming behavior. It is detrimental that children have an orgy of spending and over-consuming habits in the long term. Individuals are expert in money management not only lighten the burden to their parents but be beneficial to their characteristic development that can easily resistance the substance temptation. It is an irrefutable fact that having a reasonable consuming habit is not a nature but being educated. Hence, I would suggest that it is an advisable to train students how to consume since it plays a significant role in students' future lives.

In summary, I once again reaffirm my position that primary and secondary schools have a duty to educate students how to manage money and parents should also fulfill the responsibility that cooperate schools to correct students together.

please help me to check my writing. Thank you!
Malaysian - / 2  
Aug 29, 2011   #2
hello there, i didn't find much problems in your essay but i am having problem with your second sentence though.

-give rise to educate students how to save money

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