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TOEFL-Schools should teach students about specific jobs or general subjects

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Nov 10, 2011   #1
help me to check my grammar :)

There are two points of view on whether schools should educate student towards particular job or general studies. In my opinion students should be teach the general knowledge. Please let me give you the reasons I feel that way.

To begin with, school must prepare their students a solid base of knowledge as it is very important for life by teaching them variety common subjects. By doing so, students can get many useful skills, which will help them to save not only their life but people's one. Several years ago, I got a new from the paper that a student was on the vacation with her family at Pukect beach, Thailand. With the knowledge obtained in geography, she knew that a tsunami was coming, so she noticed her family and other people around to run up the hill to for safe and they narrowly escaped death in the liver.

A second points is that by offering the many subjects, students can explore their potential ability in other fields rather than their intend jobs. Many students have some abilities, but they don't have the change to discover and develop them. For instance, when my younger brother studied at secondary school, he just focuses on some nature subjects to become engineering. But when he entered the high school and attended a class about badminton, he brought into play ability in this sport and achieved some medal in the national competitions.

Also, most of big companies always have the training course, so it is not too important if you do not have much experience in job. Some big groups want to recruit the people have many social and general skills, so it is the failure properly to conquer the employers if you weakness these capacities. For example, when you make an interview with an interviewer from a foreign country, it will be easier to pass the interview by understanding the culture of the people at there.

In conclusion, I really believe schools need to focus on teaching their students in different common subjects. As a result, the subjects not only support for their daily life but also help them success in future.
soshianet 16 / 47  
Nov 10, 2011   #2
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In my opinion, students should be teachtaught the general knowledge.
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