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Schoolyard: A good place for socialization.

celu 8 / 20  
Jul 11, 2011   #1


Socialization is one of the most important skills that we need, in order to interact with those around us. That is why the main school's goal, beside knowledge transmission is socialization. Hence, the schoolyard is one of the best plays of socialization. Children need to know how to socialize, and the best way to learn it is through play. Schoolyard is a place of playing, hence children play together, interact and communicate.

First ,the play help them improving communication's skills. They ask and answer questions, tell stories , make up stories and being together they learn more and more verbal and nonverbal communication. Through play, they develop cooperation and participation's skills, that allow them better socialize. By playing team games like soccer ,hockey or such, they support and encourage each others . Also they learn to share and to wait their turn. They solve games 'problems, make suggestions or offer alternatives .All of these help them to better socialize.

In my opinion, children need to have friends and to build relationships in order to improve their self-esteem and the sense of belonging. They need to be member of a class or of a team in order to build their sense of social satisfaction. Children without friends might report a low self-esteem that can lead to depression or even to same problems later on in life. I remember when my friend came to Canada, her daughter was only seven and she was very sad because she had any friend here. Al her friends remained in Europe. All the summer , the girl was very shy and she refused to talk. When school started, she got home crying each every day, in first months . As the time was passing, the girl was able to speak French and she started to communicate with her peers. She made a good friend, and soon she stopped coming home crying. She became to be the happy girl she was before coming to Quebec, and every day she told her mom how nice she played in schoolyard with her new friend.

On the other hand , it is true that some children , can face rejection or teasing in schoolyard, but even them, in time, can learn how to cope with it. In the same time ,it is also true that bulling exits , but that is less seen in primary school than in secondary. In bulling cases, I thing schoolyard is not a good place of socialization, and a better one would be a sport team or a club.

Even if in school bulling exists, I would prefer to sent my child to school, in order to socialize and to learn how to cope with rejection, than doing homeschooling. I know some children who make homeschooling and I consider they lack social skills. They are very shy, and they have a hard time to interact with other children. Because schoolyard offer to the children the opportunity of being and playing together, and hence to gain many social skills, I consider this place one of the best places of socialization.
isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Jul 12, 2011   #2
helloo,generally its a good essay.

i like the beginning of your essay but as i go down, the explanation is not convincing enough. for example about the bullying. why you feel the school yard is not a good place for bullying is not clearly explained. but i feel the sentences are too truncated. in the sense that there is too many commas in the middle of sentences which is redundant.

there are also some grammatical mistakes.

encourage each other.
improve their self-esteem and sense of belonging
can lead to depression or psychological problems later in their lives.
because schoolyard offers children ...

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