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Should scientific research, business and the academic information be shared freely or not?

emrysharding 1 / -  
Mar 27, 2018   #1

information provides knowledge

I think to share information as in scientific research, business and the academic world is really important. People should help out each other. If you found a cure for cancer you should share it because not all people can do that. People come in different shapes and you shouldn't judge them by their IQs or skills. Sharing is what brings humanity together. In my experience as a student, some people refused to share their intelligence or information about homework, about exams. Because these are the advantages they have, and in a competitive world, if you had the advantages you're already halfway to success. So why would they share? It's reasonable. I'm not a smart person, but if I can help anyone with my information, I'd do it. I love to help people, and I think it's a great and meaningful gesture to share and help. Because I understand the frustration when you tried and tried to solve your problems but nothing seems to work out. It's stressful and very depressing. This is where when some people couldn't figure things out; instead, they look in a way to end themselves.

But if we could lower ourselves and really help the ones who really needed help, for example, a student who's about to fail the exam. If you have the knowledge, the information, it wouldn't hurt if you give them some instructions, teach them how to solve problems. Peter Parker's Uncle once said, "With great power comes with great responsibilities." It's not just a say for superheroes, but a say for all human race.

Holt - / 7,530 2001  
Mar 31, 2018   #2
Michelle, it will be useless for me to point out the scoring errors that you made in this essay because it is not going to pass anyway. When you write less than the 250 word minimum for the task 2 essay, you will get an automatic failing score. There are no other scoring considerations to be made when it is obvious that you are not prepared to take the test. This is a 5 paragraph essay that has to show that you can control your English presentation based on the 4 scoring criteria. In this instance, you failed to consider the criteria during the development of your paper. That is why you cannot be given a passing score and I cannot proceed with scoring you or evaluating your presentation. Make sure you present an essay with at least 250 words next time and then I will analyze your essay based on the scoring elements.

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