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ielts-scientific research done by companies

lynnyang 5 / 12  
May 5, 2012   #1
Any one can offer some suggestions? I have problem with the Task Achievement part, i often feel my essays are not logical... lol

In today's world, it is private companies rather than governments who pay for and carry out most scientific research. Do advantages outweigh disadvantages?

There is a growing number of scientific research carried out by private companies.I believe this trend has more blessings than curses.

when most research are done by companies,this action will enjoy many merits.At first, compared with governments, companies can do research more efficiently because they are profit-driven.This means that new innovations can be released to the market more quickly,which not only can meet consumers demand, but can also drive the development of related industry. Moreover, in order to distract consumers from rival companies, it is likely for companies to reduce the price of their commodities,benefiting consumers economically. If it were not the competition in cell phone industry,consumers would be impossible to buy cell phones with less and less money. In addition,when research is done by companies, governments can also save funds,enabling them to make investments on addressing more urgent problems.

Nevertheless,research carried out by companies also suffer from downsides.The most alarming problem is that there are many companies researching on some products with hazardous impact on society. For example,some companies do research about weapons of mass destruction and sell them to different countries. It is the availability of these weapons that provided conditions for the eruption of some nuclear wars,leading to lots of injuries and casualties. In addition´╝îsome research like military research is related to secretes of a nation,making it less safe to be done by companies since companies may disclose confidential information to earn money. However,nowadays, many governments have realized those problems and legislation have been made to curb them. .

As a conclusion, though offering private companies the right to do research in scientific field have deremits,measures have been taken to mitigate those negative influence.Therefore, this phenomenon has more pluses than minuses .

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