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I've always been searching for the perfect room my whole life - interior design essay

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Oct 7, 2014   #1
Iv always been searching for the perfect room my whole life. Thinking about where the cubed shaped chair in my room could go where to hang the golden framed mirror , what color to paint the twenty foot high walls. Its yet to come but it is a possibility .Most of my life iv always thought of different ways rooms of all kind could look. As a little kid I would seek out the details that made someone's room theirs and how it reflected the way they acted, spoke or thought. Iv always had an interest in the art of furniture and the arrangement of things placed in and around every single room iv ever been in. when I was about ten years old I came up with the idea of making my room in to an art exhibit,so every day in school I would make artwork ,paintings and sculptures to put in my room. When it was all finished I rearranged my bed, bookcase and all the other aspects of my room to make it look like a at home art gallery. For a week I opened my room to people to come and see it. First couple of people who came only,including my mom only laughed. People were asking "well...how did you get everything to stay on the walls ? " how'd you move everything around'' ? I just wanted them to stop asking how and just see what iv done with my room and how iv placed it . I wanted it to reflect who I was by the way I had placed all the artwork. The only good feeling feed back I got was from my step dad . "Good work Ms.Alston you could be a room designer'' he said . Though sadden by the other reactions , he had a point .i could be a room designer or interior decorator and thats when I I decided I wanted to do when I grew up.

I think Parsons School of interior design would be a good school for me because ... My teacher told me to start out with a story or memory describing the perfect room .

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Oct 7, 2014   #2
meme, it is difficult to help you with your essay because you did not offer to share the essay prompt with us. Unless we know what you need to write about, we will not be sure if we are guiding you towards the right direction.So kindly upload the prompt so that we will have a guideline by which we can judge your essay.

The story itself that your provided is quite entertaining and informative. But it seems to be a bit too long. There is a way of shortening it, but again, we need to refer to the essay question that was given to you before we can even make suggestions about how to improve the paper. We need to make sure that any advice we give you will meet the requirements of the essay prompt.

Right now, we can only give you an overview review of your paper. That won't do you much good since you need help with the development aspect of the paper. That kind of help is forthcoming. As soon as we get the essay prompt, the sooner you will receive the correct advice from us :-)

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