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Apr 29, 2020   #1

E-BOOKs vs paper books

Many people argue that, instead of using books that are made from paper, it is more convenient for people in the world to spend money on using electronic book whose content is displayed on the screen of tablet or smartphone. In my opinions, I totally agree with this idea.

The first reason is that if people use the electronic book, they could spend less money than using the paper book. Thanks to the e-book, people are able to download the content from the website, so that the cost of paper does not add-in the total cost of the book making the book more affordable. In addition, there is a mutual benefit for both end users and publishers if they use the electronic-book. For example, when users choose electronic-book, the cost of material to produce book and the cost of delivery can be eliminated, as a result, the book is cheaper. Not only so, e-book can be paid by an online transaction which means user transfer money through credit card instead of monetary payment.

Finally, reading electronic-book can protect the environment. Because the paper is made of wood, which means publishers have to cut down many trees in the forest. Deforestation could cause climate change. Nowadays, many protection forest areas are cleared by illegal forest users, illegal logging or forest clearance to produce paper lead to no natural forest for the wild animal to live. In addition, establishers must use coal or oil to operate the paper manufacturing system, which potentially pollutes environment.

In conclusion, it is convenient for people to read electronic-book instead of using the printed book/ real book. Using electronic book helps people not only save money, but also protect the forest. The government should encourage people to use e-book by imposing taxes on paper books.
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Apr 30, 2020   #2
Kindly upload the prompt with your essay next time. As the topic you have chosen to discuss is not one among the normal IELTS Task 2 essay topics, I will refrain from commenting on your approach to the essay. The prompt would have given me a starting point to review your paper with. Without it, I will concentrate on a general review instead.

In the first reasoning paragraph, you were providing a very cohesive explanation up until the last sentence when you suddenly threw in the online transaction benefit, without adding any supporting explanation to it. The coherence of the essay actually comes from the way you connect all your discussion topics in one paragraph using examples and supporting explanations. The minute you do not fully explain one reason, the paragraph quality is lowered and, in an actual test, so will the C&C score.

There is a grammar error in the second reasoning paragraph. Never start a new sentence with the word "because". The word "because" is used to connect ideas within a sentence. It is a connecting word and is used as such. Since your presentation uses the word to start a sentence, there is no previous idea or discussion to connect it to. Therefore, this will be seen as a GRA problem and lower your score in that section.

Do not use a slash in your presentation. This is an academic paper and the academic test requires you to use formal punctuation marks in the presentation. Since you are talking about the same thing, which is a printed book, you do not need to represent it in another form. If you want to do that, then use a synonym, without the slash. The slash ruins the academic tone and presentation.
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May 3, 2020   #3
My sincere apologies. I did not know that It is a must to put the prompt with my essay. I will definitely do it next time. Thank for your general review, I will check my work more careful from now on. This was one of my essays that I wrote very long time ago, so I could not remember exactly the question.