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Selecting a job to meet the living standards

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Oct 30, 2021   #1

the choice of most suitable job

A suitable career plays a significant role in one's life. Many people believe that when selecting a job, the most vital aspect that should be concerned is the payment. To the best of my knowledge, I partly agree with this point of view because whether the job helps people to improve or not is also considerable.

On the one hand, it is true that a well-paid job brings about many advantages. Obviously, without money, people cannot meet their basic needs. For example, everyone needs money to pay for housing, bills, education, health care, transportation fares and so on. Therefore, people tend to prioritize a job with high salary which not only covers their demand but also enables them to raise living standard easily. If people choose their jobs based on enjoyment or other non-financial factors, they might find it difficult to support themselves. For instance, artists and musicians, who are known for pursuing their loves, do not always have abilities to live comfortably and raise a family.

On the other hand, what position of employment gives should be taken into consideration as one of the most primary features in making a job decision. Personal relationships and working environment are extremely important. Having good employers and high-qualified colleagues can make a difference to workers' levels of happiness and general quality of life. According to many experts, working condition is a huge motivation that makes people try harder and devote to their job. Moreover, many people's feelings of job satisfaction come from their professional achievements, the skills they learn, and the position they reach, rather than the money they earn.

To sum up, I agree that people should select a job having a wage that is enough for their livings. However, people also ought to consider if the job helps them to widen their knowledge, gain more experiences, and reach great achievement. When people can balance between salary and what they receive, they will able to choose to most suitable job, which opens up their opportunities of success.
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Nov 4, 2021   #2
The reasoning discussion of the writer mistakenly uses a comparative format. The examiner does not need to know about the advantages of the discussion. The 2 paragraphs should focus only on explaining the partial agreement based on

the job helps people to improve or not is also considerable


Since only one paragraph supports this opinion, a baseline passing score may be awarded based on discussion relevance and limited errors in other scoring sections. It is difficult to say with certainty that the response can get a passing score since the supporting paragraph lacks a backup supporting statement. It is underdeveloped based on reasoning requirements.

My opinion is provided without knowing if your response is relevant to the task or not. You did not provide the original prompt for my guidance. The review provided is based on a general observation alone.

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