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self-employment vs. employment - own business seems to be increasingly popular among individuals

saba_beatrice 1 / 1  
Oct 30, 2015   #1
prompt: compare and contrast self-employment and employment

Hey guys! I would be pleasured if you help me improve my writing skills by correcting or making comments on my essays or letters.

Some people prefer to be employed. In their opinion, self-employment requires huge investments, practical experience and a wide variety of management skills; moreover, most, avoid taking such huge financial risks. Nevertheless, nowadays, self-employment is becoming an increasingly common choice for individuals, since being self-employed offers ones noticeably high rewards, job satisfaction, as well as

improved quality of life.

Firstly, one of the most tempting advantages of running your own business seems to be earning huge salaries; in other words, the fruits of your labor will be all yours, because you own the wine yard. Independent contractors, for example, may deduct business expenses from their taxes which may increase their net pay. In fact, by reaping the rewards of your own effort, you'll earn more in long term. So, self-employed ones are provided financially to pursue their dreams.

What's more, self-employment involves ones' interest in their career; that means, self-employment allows individuals to choose the type of their career according to their interest. William, an art alumnus, to illustrate, has to make choice if he wants to take considerable risks for running his own business or to implore a boss to employ him and finally tolerate the drudgery of working for interminable hours a day. In fact, people, motivated and interested in their career, are more likely to promote and enhance the quality of their working life. Thus, self-employed ones are offered an opportunity to focus on the aspects of their career they most enjoy and master in the field.

Last but not least, self-employed ones are given a chance to experience freedom; it means, they can work at their own pace, manage their working hours, hire qualified people, they trust and what it boils down to is that they're not bossed around. A boss, for example, can work for four or five hours, meanwhile, his employer has to work for interminable eight hours which tires and precludes him from spending a short time with his wife. As a matter of fact, self-employed ones could ideally set their hours and enjoy improved quality of life as well as job satisfaction. To conclude, entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed in providing their family both financially and emotionally.

In conclusion, self-employment seems to be getting increasingly popular among individuals; since they could earn further, be satisfied with their career and lead an ideal life. Provided one has good decision making and risk taking skills, having the knack to be in the right place at the right time, self-employment would definitely be an informed choice for him to make.
akiraaa 7 / 20 2  
Nov 2, 2015   #2
hi Saba.
You have done a really good job in the essay with diverse sentences and words. While, i just see that you only focus on the self-employment and ignore the employment. i think both parts are equal important to this topic(compare and contrast). Apart from it, it is very excellent in the structure and expression. I learn a lot from you after reading.

OP saba_beatrice 1 / 1  
Nov 2, 2015   #3
Thanks a lot akiraaa for commenting on my essay! I considered your comment but, the type of my essay is preference which is a little bit different from compare and contrast...but anyway, thanks for reading my writing and reviewing it!!!
TJLuschen - / 241 203  
Nov 2, 2015   #4
Your essay is very good, with detailed examples that support your argument, but I agree with akiraaa. You are not really free to write the essay type you want, instead you must follow the prompt. Here the prompt says "compare and contrast". Similar phrases are "discuss the benefits of each and give your preference" and "what are the advantages and disadvantages of each".

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