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Separating Male and female ! Gender Segregation in Schools

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Sep 30, 2014   #1
Gender Segregation in Schools Do you agree or not use specific examples and details to support your answer!

Studying at the same school !

It has been a controversial question, whether it is correct to separate both genders attending at the same school. Many people believe, it is going to be a distraction, since these days young generation tend to date prematurely. However, I consider it is beneficial to allow both genders studying together for the reason that it will provide opposite gender better at understanding each other. Moreover, both male and female must possess a perfect communication skill in order to be tailored to this complicated life.

First and uppermost, school is the best place in conversing with many people. Furthermore, going to school is the period of shaping our skills in numerous facets. Thus. It would be profitable if the school contains both genders in order to perfect oneself. By way of an illustration, I can envision a male who does not communicate any single female at school. Then, once he steps out from school. He will not have any experience about it. Therefore, it is better if the school was be the place that could obtain those experiences.

On the other side of the coin, We as human being cannot deny that encountering with opposite gender after school is inevitable. Since we are living in one society and dwelling on the same planet, eating the same meals, seeing each other and so on. Hence, we must face reality as soon as we can since the later you wait the more challenging it is going to be. For instance, Imagine, a guy who has never approached any single girls in his life. He will have to overcome his shyness. Despite this possibility, it does not apply for every person. However, it is more about majority. Most of guys in this world necessitate some time to get accustomed communicating with the opposite gender.

By way of a conclusion based on the arguments explored above. I have a strong belief that we must study together at the same school, because it will be more profitable due to communication skills, also it will shape us into the person that would fit in well with our society.
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Sep 30, 2014   #2
"First and uppermost, tremendous people must agree with me that is it inevitable to encounter with both female and male in our society as we grew up"

that it is inevitable ...

"Then he his social skills will be pretty underprivileged"
Then he will be pretty underprivileged in his social skills
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Oct 1, 2014   #3
#By way of an illustration, I can envision a male who does not communicate any single female at school.Here you could have said *communicate with any single female at school.

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