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There are serious concerns about the sale and production of genetically modified food.

Nov 13, 2021   #1

GM foods issue

Nowadays, the sale and production of Genetically Modified food seems to be more popular around the world. It can not be denied that it bring great economic benefits, but there are some serious concern about this kind of food. However, some others argue that GM food is necessary if we want to meet the demand of an increasing world population.

Let start with the definition of GM foods which are produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA by using the methods of genetic engineering. It is often claimed that there are several concerns have been raised regarding this. Firstly, mentioning the effect on the environment that certain traits of GM crops might be introduced into the wild. Also, genetically modified plants grown on farms are given traits that will make them resistant to the effects of herbicides, pesticides and drought. For example, spreading of genetically modified plants beyond controlled areas to become "super weeds". Secondly, the effect on the human body should be considered. According to many scientific study, antibiotic resistant bacteria are often used to mark genetically modified plant cells. Using GM food means that people are putting antibiotic resistant plant cells into their digestive systems. Thus, this may cause to effect on the good bacteria in their intestinal tract.

However, some people believed that GM food is essential to meet the demands for an increasing world population. It is applied to provide a number of benefits to producers and consumers. These consist of reduced production costs which can make foods cheaper, fewer chemicals in vegetative products because of their improved pest resistance as well as less stress on the environment due to lower need for using toxic pesticides. In addition, it also improved availability as fruits maintain freshness in seasons when they would not be normally available. These are several great benefits that this kind of food bring to our life.

The second reason for continuing the GM foods is providing enough food for humans. In fact, the population is growing while food is at risk of being lacking, thus humanity wants to have livestock varieties that have some superiority in order to be able to provide enough food. For example, plants that are well drought resistant and highly resistant to pests in order to increase crop yields.

In conclusion, GM foods bring a lot of benefits for producers and consumers, beside having some nervousness about environment and human body as well. In my view of point, although genetically modified foods cause several concerns, it should be continuously sale and produce because of its benefits and human demand in the world.
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Nov 14, 2021   #2
Let start with the definition of GM foods

It is not necessary to define what genetically modified foods are to the reader. The task 2 essay is written with a specific audience of professionals in mind. This is an unnecessary and time consuming prompt deviation. Stick to the given discussion parameters from the original prompt to avoid score deductions. This paragraph, being unrelated to the task will not be scored. Only proper and relevant discussions receive a score.

it also improved availability as fruits

Avoid specific examples when you have presented a general reference in the paragraph. This will help you avoid being scored low on the paragraph C + C development range.

The discussion topic instruction was for the pros and cons. There are only pros provided in your presentation.The essay will be given a score based on a partially responsive discussion. The overall essay is under-developed.

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