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Sexual Harassment research essay

Sexual Harassment

To begin with, Sexual Harassment is "the unwelcome attention of a sexual nature and is a form of legal and social harassment". - Britannica 2009Ž.

It's considered to be something that is illegal and violating every human right of an individual. Sexual harassment can be done in 2 ways, either verbal or physical conduct. This harassment always creates intimidation, hostile, and an offensive environment in the society.

The sexual harassment has many different characteristics:
- The victim of the harassment might be either a woman/man or it doesn't have to be off opposite sex.
- The victim could be the person watching, not the person harassed himself
- The people who conduct sexual harassment pay big fines and may sometimes go to jail

During a sexual harassment, it's needed that the victim should inform the harasser that he should stop what he is doing right away. If this doesn't stop, then they must use any force to make him stop, either physical or verbal.

The places that sexual harassment happens may vary. It's mostly in the victim's workplace or place of education, by others employees/managers or teachers/students, respectively. Most of the other times, the sexual harassment happens in streets and in alleys. In rare cases, sexual harassment might happen between relatives, or sometimes even family members.

Sexual Harassment always has a negative effect on the victim as he/she:
- Lose a job
- Humiliated and scandalized
- Bad reputation
- Spread of Hatred
- Move to other towns/cities
- Poor relationships later on
- Loss of trust between other people

It also has a harmful effect on the society:
- Decline of Productivity
- Decline of Job Happiness
- Loss of students (schools), employees (jobs)
- Images of a country or a certain (school/company) might suffer
- Money issues for those who are harassed

Sociological Factors

Social Factors for Sexual Harassment:
- Unemployment
- Depression
- Money issues
- Marriage dilemma
- Unable to find a shelter
- Unreligious
- Internet and Moviesa
- Lack of Education
- Family Control

All of those above are considered to be sociological factors for sexual harassment. First of all, there are unemployment and money issues. We combined those together because they are considered one case. The person who is unemployed will definitely have a money shortage. Most of them become depressed and don't have anything to do in their lives. These people think that when they harass or even rape a lady, they fill the needs in their lives.

A second reason could be because of the marriage dilemma. Most of the teens nowdays don't have the money to get married or buy a place to live in, so they thing the best option is harassment. It releases the energy they have.

Some people do that just because they are unreligious and don't believe in the basic condemns of their certain religion. They aren't performing the basic orders of their religion so when it get to sexual harassment or even rape, they just don't care.

Sometimes the internet and the movies shown in television and theatres have a great effect on the person. The internet, most of the times not controlled, gives the teen a lot of negative ideas that he/she can follow. The movies are also similar to that. When the person sees these stuff on the internet and in the movies, they get the idea that it's very regular to do this stuff. They think that it wont cause any harm to harass someone, on the contrary, they will become satisfied.

Lack of education is also important. Most of the teens that perform sexual harassment lack the basics of education. Most of them haven't entered single so they don't know what's wrong and what's right. So these illiterate people don't know anything about life, as they haven't read or wrote about these issues before. They then think its no big deal to harass women.

The last and most important reason is parental control. Some of the fathers in families are never there for their children. The children grow up raised by their mother, who definitely cant control what here children does; when compared to the father. Thus, the children are given more freedom to do what they want. Sometimes they are introduced to friends who give them bad ideas. They can sometimes help or urge them to do these things.

Sexual Harassment in Egypt

Egypt is considered one of the most countries in the world that sexual harassment rates I just flowing up to the sky. There have been many cases in which I will discuss later on.

Noha Roushdy:
This is about a case of a brave girl that was sexually harassed by someone, but stood for herself. Noha, a young director, was walking home with a friend of hers. Suddenly, a truck driver beside her slowed down and sexually harassed her; then he left quickly. Noha then screamed and was about to faint, as she was totally surprised.

The driver thought that Noha would return to her home, crying and weeping about what has happened. But he though wrong. Noha rose from the floor and ran after the truck, following it. She then pulled the driver out and took him to the police station so she could accuse him for the felony.

Noha then added that no one in the street went to help her. Everyone was just watching and they didn't do anything to Noha's screaming, although they witnessed everything. The Police also didn't want to help her at all.

When Noha went with the harasser to the station, they were so ignorant. They refused to help her at all and kept telling her against of making the complaint as if it was no good. They then told her that she should take him to another station so she can make an official complain; so she had to drive him all by herself, in which she did. People then ask why do women keep their sexual harassment as a secret and don't tell anyone!?

On the 21st of October 2008, the harasser, Sherif Gabriel, was sentenced to a 3-year period behind the bars. He also had to pay a 5000 LE compensation to Noha for what he did. So after all, the guy didn't escape punishment. It not about how long will he stay in jail or how much will he pay; it's the concept itself!

Eid Sexual Harassment Issue
During the last Eid, on the 2nd of October, there also happened a main sexual harassment event. Teenaged women's were hanging out in the night of the Eid, like every regular Egyptian. They hanged out in the University of Arab Nations. These girls were wearing clothes that weren't completely covered; in which parts of their body was obvious.

In this street, there were a lot of poor allies and apartments. People in these poor areas were also celebrating the Eid. When they saw the girls, they attacked them right away. They ripped their clothes into pieces and tried to rape them in the streets.

The girls screamed right away and people gather to escape the poor girls, in which they were saved in the right moment.

Reports in Egypt, being said in the BBC, have said that the sexual harassment rate increase by 60 % every year, and most of the harassment is done to women, either veiled or not!


news.bbc. co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7514567.stm

Written By Karim Fathi :)

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Revise for conciseness by taking out unnecessary words. They suck the life out of writing! :)

To begin with , Sexual Harassment is "the unwelcome attention of a sexual nature and is a form of legal and social harassment". - Britannica 2009Ž. It is considered to be something that is an illegal violation of every human rights. of an individual . Sexual harassment can be done in two ways: through verbal or physical conduct. This harassment always creates intimidation, hostile, and an offensive environment in the society.

To use proper MLA, cite Britannica like this:

Sexual Harassment is "unwelcome attention of a sexual nature and is a form of legal and social harassment" (Britannica).

APA style would have the date:

Sexual Harassment is "unwelcome attention of a sexual nature and is a form of legal and social harassment" (Britannica, 2009).

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