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IELTS is sharing information always beneficial?

leeyunwei 1 / -  
Apr 12, 2019   #1

to tell or share every piece of information

Sharing meaningful information has been an element of the technology and society progress of our world. However, even though sharing information somehow brings about successes and is more convenient for everyone including company or educational institution to share as much information as they can, I feel both excited and apprehensive towards this action.

On the one hand, under the advance of technology in terms of sharing information, we are able to enjoy everything that comes in hand and boosts our living quality. In other words, innovation is created by developing and sharing an amount of fresh-from-the oven information with others. Take Apple as an example, Steve Jobs invented and promulgated the first computer system in the world, gradually, many other high-tech companies started manufacturing computers that shared the same features. This circumstance also happens in academic field, too. Educational institutions such as universities or research centers will host an annual conference in order to present what new findings during this year. As a linguistics major student as I am now, in order to absorb new knowledge in terms of the evolution and foundation of language, we always share our point of views and research results with other academic fellows.

On the other hand, what I have been concerning as well, it is not always efficient to give your precious new-found information with others. For instance, business companies do not share their confidential details with others, because if they do, it will cause a huge negative impact to the company. Companies aim to bring financial incomes and provide good working environment for every single person in the building, if they fail to protect their information, there will be a high risk for bankruptcy in the end, and that is not what everyone wants to see. As a result, to protect well for companies' business, they apply for a patent, so no one can steal or copy from them.

To be brief, in my opinion, it is great to tell or share every piece of information that you have been working on so hard to others. Yet, it is also important to think twice and make a whole evaluation before sharing any information publicly.

coke 13 / 27 13  
Apr 12, 2019   #2
Hello leeyunwei
I think this is a great essay as it hardly contains any grammatical errors and your ideas are convincing. I wouldn't recommend to use 'fresh-from-the oven' in an academic writing. Made-up adjectives sounds somewhat informal.

I don't have much to comment on this paper so maybe a contributor will help you more on this.
Look forward to reading your next works.

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