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IELTS, Shopping as hobby positive or negative development. Explain with reasons

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Mar 9, 2013   #1
Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Nowadays, many people go shopping in their free time. Shopping has replaced many other activities that people choose as their hobby. What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?


With the advent of ecommerse, the way people shop has changed a lot over the last few years. The plethora of online webstores that made their way into the online market have revolutionized the way people shop. It is not only online shopping, but live shopping has also changed a lot with globalization. Nowadays retail giants like Wallmart have setup business in many developing countries and are making good business. With these latest trends shopping has become a hobby for many. Reasons for the same will be discussed before analyzing the positive and negative aspects of the same.

Online shopping has become very easy and convenient with the use of high speed internet. Now at the comfort of their homes, people can sit before the computer, browse through different products and order them at the click of a mouse. They no longer have to drive through the busy markets and stand in a queue to buy the items. The factor of comfort along with the fun of technology is one of the reasons why many people enjoy shopping and choose it as their hobby. Furthermore, trying out new things is always exciting and the easiness of doing that adds to the pleasure.

Firstly, the increasing trend in shopping is good for the economy of the country. For instance, a recent study revealed the fact that the selling of books has gone up considerably after Flipkart, a popular webstore in India, started selling books for huge discounts. This has improved the book business and contributed positively for the industry. However, shopping has some negative aspects as well. Sometimes shopping can become an addiction for many, especially youngsters where they spend a lot of money than is actually required. For instance, many beauty products are advertised with false claims to attract teenagers which is a bad trend. After analyzing the above factors it is clear that shopping has positive and negative aspects.

To conclude, shopping aided by the latest trends in technology has made the lives of people easier. After analyzing the pros and cons it is agreed that fast and effective shopping is good for the economy of the country as well as the people. However, special care has to be taken by the parents to ensure that it will not pose any health related issue to youngsters.
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Mar 9, 2013   #2
With the advent of ecommerse, the way people shop has changed a lot over the last few years.

... Hey.... you are going out of topic at the start itself :(
Your topic is about doing shopping during leisure time and nothing about e-commerce, which is a new trend. For this task it is very important that you read the topic carefully and understand what it says. Here you need to address the fact that people devote their leisure time for shopping which otherwise they can devote for another hobby. You basically have to discuss the positives and negatives of this trend.

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