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The shown diagram depicts the procedure for reprocessing plastic bottles - IELTS 1

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Jun 4, 2022   #1


The shown diagram depicts the procedure for reprocessing plastic bottles.

Overall, the whole process consists of nine distinctive steps, starting with the action of putting used bottles to the recycle bin and ending with the production of reprocessed commodities.

On closer inspection, initially, waste is collected by trucks and then transported to the recycling centre. Later on, gathered waste is sorted in order to select bottles which are still in sufficient conditions. Thereafter, bottles are compressed under tremendous pressure to form well-shaped blocks. In the next step, those blocks are broken into small chunks by crushing cogs.

Moving on, after having been washed to ensure hygiene, those small pieces are grinded into particles. After the heating section, raw material is produced. In the final stage, commodities are made from mentioned material and then the procedure repeats.
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Jun 4, 2022   #2
This type of essay writing does not receive a passing score. That is because when less than 150 words are written, a word count percentage deduction is applied. This essay only represents 136 words so a hefty ple-scoring deduction will be applied. That will limit the sectional scoring considerations later on. The essay will be scored from a failed base score that will be difficult to overcome. Make sure to meet the minimum word count to avoid the auto fail score at the start.

Do not make any reference to a seeable diagram. This task is based on your ability to recreate the given information . without linking it to the image. Failure to do so will result in additional deductions. The chance of this essay to pass will be further limited by this reference mistake.

The trending statement is also faulty in the sense that itis a run-on presentation which resulted in sentence structure mistakes. We have not even gotten to the report paragraphs and yet, I can already tell that the essay will have too many starting problems to receive a passing mark.

The reporting paragraphs are concise and with limited word usage errors. The problem is that the report became too brief. That is indicative of a report that has not thoroughly analyzed the image. The writer's perspective is highly limited leading to an underpresented procedural report.

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