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"Sicko" - movie review to correct

cat08 11 / 4  
Jul 4, 2007   #1
Can you proofread my movie review of Sicko? What are your suggestions for improvement? Thanks for the help!

Although the movie Sicko was long, its evaluation of the medical services in America allowed me to see America and the U.S. government's role in policing the medical profession from another perspective. Before I watched this movie, I thought that living in America was living the American dream. However, this American dream is only a façade or an illusion that takes my mind away from some of America's flaws.

I thought the health insurance companies' extreme actions in order to maximize profits are pitiless and selfish. The health insurance tried to find loopholes to either deny insurance or disapprove coverage to many Americans. It often claimed the medical treatments as "experimental" treatments to avoid paying the large expenses. Because many Americans were without coverage, they either died or have to live with their sickness. Seeing a mother lose her child or a wife lose her husband is painful. In one situation, a man without insurance had to stitch the wound on his leg by himself. In another sad yet hilarious situation, a man accidentally sawed off his middle and ring finger, and he must choose from the two fingers to have stitched back by the surgeons. He could pay $12,000 for his ring finger or $60,000 for his middle finger. Being a sweet man, he chose the ring finger. In a third situation, a husband has heart problems and his wife has cancer. Their constant check-ups and treatments cause them to go bankrupt and move into their daughter's house. These situations made me think there is no justice in society. Many people are dying, suffering, or forced to poverty because of the companies' greed and lack of compassion. I thought the lack of humanity in America is horrifying. Regardless, the way Michael Moore narrates and continuously targets the U.S. government and the health insurance company makes the content of the movie overly dramatic and exaggerated. Nevertheless, Moore gives an actual portrayal of the voiceless Americans who are overpowered by the big authority figures.

I thought the denial by the insurance company to the 9/11 rescuers were cruel. The rescuers search throughout the site for any sign of human bodies. As a result, they risk their health for other people. Even the heroic people were turned down after what they have done. It is an outrage. Michael Moore makes known to the public that the insurance denial can happen to anyone. I thought that it was unbelievable and insane when Moore actually took these people by boat from Florida to Cuba for the medical treatments they deserve. By doing so, Moore implicitly shows how America's lacks support for its people, as Moore and the 9/11 rescuers have to find the medical care and support in another country.

The lower rating of the United States compared to many countries on health insurance is humiliating. It serves as a bad representation of United States. I found Michael Moore's investigation hilarious. He sees no exchange of money and is stunned by that. Moore finds the free health services unusual from America and interrogates the people from other countries. Canada, France, and Cuba all provide free medical treatments without insurance! The French people get at least five weeks off from work after their medical treatment. In addition, the French people are paid when they are away from work by the government and employer. Furthermore, the daycare center charges $1 per hour, which is cheap. Moreover, the government-paid nannies and doctors provide the French people with free home service. In Cuba, the inhalers are five cents. In contrast, the inhalers in America are $120.

The ridiculous contrast to America is shameful for the Americans. Seeing these countries provide cheap or free services and cheap medicine for their people make me think America does not care about its people as much. Moreover, I realize the Americans only care for themselves. Even so, Michael Moore underrepresented America through his overly dramatic documentary. There is much that I can be grateful about living in America. In America, there is freedom and many opportunities. Many people desire to live where I am living today. Despite the exaggeration in Moore's portrayal of America, it does not change my views on the idea that the U.S. government should provide free health insurance for everyone. I still sympathize for the unfortunate people who turned down by the health insurance. No one should be turned away from necessary medical treatment. The Americans should learn to be more like the French, Cuban, and Canadian, because they care for one another. Profits should not be America's first propriety when the lives of many people are at expense. Moore did an exceptional job in making this known to America in a critical yet humorous way.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,709  
Jul 4, 2007   #2

You've got a lot of good information in your essay. I am wondering, though, whether it really meets the criteria of a movie review. What you have done, basically, is to summarize the content of the movie. The only reference you make to the movie as a movie is in the first sentence. Was the assignment to summarize what the movie was about, or to critique the movie itself as a piece of filmmaking? If it was truly supposed to be a movie review, you might want to take a more critical look at how Michael Moore approached the subject; was it objective? accurate? overly dramatic? right on target? These are things to think about.


Sarah, EssayForum.com
EF_Team2 1 / 1,709  
Jul 5, 2007   #3

Your essay is well-written and very informative! I'm not sure how deep your instructor wanted you to go, as far as critiquing the film itself -- things like cinematography, editing, music, etc. -- but if the content and your reaction to it is the most important part, I think you've done an excellent job. :-)

Here are a few suggestions for editing:

I still sympathize with the unfortunate people who were turned down by their health insurance.

[delete The] Americans should learn to be more like the French, Cubans, and Canadians, because they care for one another. Profits should not be America's first priority when the lives of many people are at risk.

Good job!


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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