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This simple electronic deveice should be banned in school. Do you agree or not.

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Aug 20, 2017   #1
Some people believe that electronic calculators should not be allowed in school

calculating tools for a help in a school

The calculator is an electronic device which is used for arithmetic simplification such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is a portable device applicable for calculation, ranging from basic to complex mathematics.

I strongly agree with the fact pupils need to understand basic arithmetic to foster their knowledge on how, when to add or subtract, divide or multiply. With further advancing of arithmetic, for instance algebra, trigonometry, or logs the use of the calculator can be justified to save more time. This technique promotes creativity or innovation among pupils. Perhaps, it shall encourage technology advancement in the given society. In our era as students, we would not be allowed use calculators, until that time when we reached an advanced level of secondary education. Partly it has helped our cohort to be much more competent that the society which where are observing to-date.

Training or exposing pupils to calculators at the earliest stage during their learning curve, it will create a society with limited knowledge on how or when to use the simple arithmetic.

I have seen in many parts of the world where the pupils who were exposed to calculators at the earliest stage of their trainings does struggle during employment as either sales person. Simple mathematics can be a nightmare for this group of individuals.

Therefore, despite the fact, Calculators shortens the time serve for arithmetic and give perfect answers. It is imperative for pupils to understand the fundamental knowledge of mathematic to prevent nurturing a society which has no skills in simple mathematics.
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Aug 20, 2017   #2
Hi.. it is a good essay.
as far as I'm concerned, it might be better if you put the sentence "In our era as student .." in the fourth paragraph as concession paragraph before your view (as rejecting statement). It would organize well.
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Aug 20, 2017   #3
Nuru, I believe that you are trying to respond to a Task 2 IELTS essay. The problem, is that I have no accurate way of measuring your success or failure in relation to your written response because you have provided an incomplete original prompt statement. While your discussion is sound and relevant to the topic sentence, it may not be completely prompt adherent in terms of the discussion requirements. Sadly, I cannot advice you any further regarding this essay because of our one free advice per thread policy. All I can advice you on at this moment is the format of the essay.

You need to practice developing complete paragraphs to use in your discussion. The requirement is a paragraph can be represented as complete within 3-5 sentences. You currently have statements that are only 2 sentences long. You will need to expand your discussions in your succeeding essays in order to meet the paragraph sentence requirement. By the way, I will also need to read the complete prompt requirements with your future practice tests. Don't bother with posting the prompt requirement for this essay at this point. I can't come back to offer you constructive criticism anymore.

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