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SINGLE SEX SCHOOLS have many benefits and are as equally good as Co-ed schools

Ashrehm 1 / -  
May 13, 2012   #1
(Some people) might say the single sex schools are wrong, because girls and boys need to know how to communicate with the opposite sex. I think they should be enforced to help children reach their full dreams without the thought of humility standing in their way. School is a place where students get acquainted with the basics of the life,which further helps them to foster their proficiency level in different aspects of life required in this competitive world, and I think the most important part of school is not where students get time to socialize with each other. Although Co-ed schools are a first choice for most adolescents and their parents, Single sex schools are equally good. In single sex schools, students don't have to worry about sexual attraction of the opposite sex. This enables the students to concentrate more in their studies and less on socialization, or any other social situations.

Test scores are a good way to look at single sex schools being a good way for children to succeed. Children in a co-ed school took a test as well as a single-sex school, the test had been the same for both schools, the co-ed school scored a 37 and the single-sex school scored a 75. (This shows that more studying and focus goes into a single sex class room than a co-ed.) When children are in a single-sex class they go over more for they do not have the distraction some children have in a co-ed class. Another reason single-sex schooling is a good idea is more children are going to have more study time to get more work done, this means not many children will have homework. Children in a single-sex school will also eliminated a lot of drama that might happen such as a girl wanting the same boy this will cause drama not only with one girl, but with both girls friends, and maybe even the boy. Boys tend to show off while a girl he likes is in the same class, or when boys tell a girl to be mean to another girl, to win his attention. I think single-sex schools will eliminate all harassment. I also think bullying will stop when boys won't have any girls to impress they will all get along not trying to be better than one another.

Boys and girls learn in two different ways. That's why having a single sex school is more rewarding than a co-ed school. According to Dr. Schlosser of Breckinridge County Middle School's (Kentucky) the difference between the way boys and girls learn are the type of weather boys and girls prefer.) Boys prefer to learn in a cool, dark room. When there are two different people wanting two different things its hard to please both sides. Boys also learn much slower than what girls learn, this could be a problem for girls in the same class as boys for girls would learn and to move on, but would have to cut back their learning to wait for the boys to learn the same material. Boys also are interested in different subjects than what girls like. Boys are most secretly interested in Music,Science,and Math. According to GreatSchools.com says boys feel girls wont like them when they know they are interested in other things such as music and math and not baseball,football,and soccer. Many boys wont show interest in music in a co-ed school.When boys are placed in a single sex school they wont have the feeling of impressing girls so more boys will show their interest in arts and music. Boys are much better with math and science than what girls are says NASSPE VIII. NASSPE Vlll is single-sex school out of Huston Texas. "The most profound difference between girls and boys is in any brain structure per se, but also in the sequence of development of the various brain regions. The different regions of the brain develop in a different SEQUENCE in girls compared with boys"

Girls, unlike boys, prefer to work in a lit up room, that is very warm. Even though a room is a room, it may distract someones learning and force them to not want to pay attention. When girls get a grasp of what she is learning she doesn't have to review things as much as a boy. When a girl is ready to move on and learn something new the boy is just getting the grasp of the last things being reviewed. Research shows girls brains are more advanced than boys. Girls are going to pay attention more than boys because girls brains want to get work done and they do not want any work to linger. Overall boys and girls do not learn the same way and that is going to cause problems on both sides. Therefore they should not place boys and girls in the same class room to learn the same things, many wont focus, or grasp whats being taught.

There are many types of all girls school, one I took a little closer look at is the Maharishi all girls school. This all girls school has had 1.3% of all women awarded B.A degrees from graduating from an all girls school. Around the world today females out number males in graduating college.I personally don't think this is a bad things, only because I like knowing that the sex I am can out number the males in getting work done, and overall succsecding In our congress today 1/3 of the females say they graduated from and all girls school. At the Maharish school, 270,000 students scored higher on standard tests than what people do in a co ed school.

Something that is a big part of why people decide to attend a single sex school is because their is not any drama that is going to make a girl not feel welcome to go to school, they are also not going to feel like they get bullied. Another things that makes girls wanna join a all girls school is for the fact that their isn't going to be the feeling of girls needing to or being better than another girl. Drama plays a huge roll in why boys and girls choose to attend a single sex school. One thing that will eliminate drama is not having and love birds in the school. When I say this, I mean when your not in school with your crush you wont have to worry about fighting about stupid things on making each other jealous, by talking to other people to friends of the opposite sex. A big problem between girls is wanting, or liking the same boy this is when girls start bulling and making drama with another girl. Girls will start rumors and make another girls life hell. When a girls gets this all the time she will no longer be able to take it, and want to leave. At a single sex school, girl wont have the opportunities to like boys, they will be focused on doing their school work. Something that will disappear in a single sex school is the clicks such as geeks, cheerleaders, and jocks. I think they would be eliminated because girls will generally get nicer and not have to show off in front of boys, or to impress them. Boys also become nicer due to the fact they wont feel the need to bully other boys, also boys will find other friends such as the ones that have the same interest such as art,music, or math.

When people look at co ed schools, they assume they are a good thing. I however think much different. Co ed schools are drama free, children are much better at getting their homework done, kids also score much higher on test in a single sex school than kids in a co ed. Children also wont take any homework home, which means they would be a better athlete. Children of a single sex school would have tons of homework from not having time in class to finish it. Not saying kids in a co ed school wouldn't be good athlete, but when they spend more time on sports and not school work, their grades will start to slip. People who attend a single sex school would have time in class to do any homework, so when it comes to after school activities they would be able to put full effort into it not having to worry about having to do any homework when he or she gets home. Test scores are all going to be raised because when school is going on children are going to want to pay attention so they can score high on tests. When children score high on tests its going to make their futures much brighter. When people are looking for jobs, people who have a good high school career are bound to get hired over someone who does not have good scores in high school. People in single sex schools are going to have good tests score due to the fact that when they are in class learning and they do not have distractions they will get more things covered.

Single sex schools give children a whole new world of learning, and new opportunities. Some of these include getting high test scores which gives them the right to attended any college they want to attend. Boys and Girls learn better, and faster by not having problems in the classroom. Children are going to get all work done also. They will also have good friendships because when they don't have homework to do after school children can go hang out with new people, and do new things.

The National Coalition is another all girls school. The meaning of this school is for any girls who have been bullied, where they need a good place to learn and feel safe. Another reason people come to this school is girls who are very happy about making a good future for themselves. Someone who sees themselves going far in life and needs a good school, where distractions hurt them, and their work. Girls also attended this school Coalition School for girls who need help through hard times going on in the high school that is making school, and school work hard for them. This school provides many things for young girls such as, it helps them improve their lives by understanding the girls and the problems they face, and knowing the tools we can give them for them to succeed. I have now told you about why they are a good things, why I picked this subject to talk about, and why I would one day like my children to experience a single sex school

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