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Single sex schools vs mixed schools. Writing task 2 - opinion/argument essay

Teymurov 2 / 5  
Oct 19, 2018   #1
In many countries today, parents are able to choose to send their children to single-sex schools or co-educational schools. Some people think that children going to single-sex schools have disadvantages later in life. To what extend do you agree or disagree.

Gender differences in the classroom

Today for the time being this is an undeniable fact that schools is a marker status of modern society.
We must acknowledge that single sex educational schools are not too much popular because have negative effects on children. For example, the result of quiz - "would you send your children to single sex schools?", by magazine Time in American society, is 22% said - yes, I would, while 26% said - maybe would however the rest of parents answered - no. in addition, graduates of such kind of schools are facing with difficulties in the future to adapt university or work life. As a result that is clearly seen that single-sex education are not welcoming by parent and has more cons.

Despite of all this it should not be forgotten that the ways of perception of information is different for both genders. For instance, Michael Hardy, scientist of project called International Issues of Education, claims that boys are more interested in exact science while girls prefer humanitarian. More over temperature preference for both genders are different too, such as girls prefer warmer places whilst boys are better learning in cooler temperatures. As a consequence, that is apparent that single sex schools constructed related to preferences of genders.

On the other hand, this schools give an opportunity to concentrate on lessons. Such as, based on the reviews of teacher of mixed schools, students after age of 13-14 begin to be distracted by opposite gender. Furthermore boys and girls have different preferences since boys interested in physical activities whereas girls prefer more interaction with peers. Consequently that is undeniable that single sex classes much better that mixed.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,411 4391  
Oct 20, 2018   #2
Fuad, why did you write a research paper for a Task 2 essay? This paper is supposed to be based on personal opinion and experience along with a public prospect whenever indicated. For this essay, the prompt clearly indicates a personal opinion presentation. This is a serious error that will get you a score of 1 because what you wrote is not in line with any of the prompt requirements.

For this essay, the instruction indicated that you were to write your response in the form of an "extent" essay. That is why you were asked the question; "To what extent do you agree or disagree?" There was a statement given that you need to simply show a measurement of agreeing or disagreeing with. Measured responses include "I partially agree, I completely agree, I disagree to a small extent, I agree with reservations, etc." These are some of the variations of measured responses that you could have given for this essay. The problem is that you totally did not understand the prompt and therefore, could not respond in the proper manner.

There was no need to do such complex research nor impressive citations. In the actual pen and paper test setting, you will not be able to do research online, which is why you are asked to use personal knowledge for the response regardless of task assignment.

It is obvious that you do not have any background in Task 2 writing nor do you have a good understanding of how to respond to the given Task 2 requirements. For your sake, you must review the various task 2 essay samples at this forum so that you can get a better understanding of what each task asks the writer to respond to and how. You will not only learn how to respond to the task, but you will also pick up additional advice and information regarding task response writing improvements based on the errors of the previous exam takers. Please do read the samples before you proceed with another practice test in order to avoid getting another failing score with your practice essay.
OP Teymurov 2 / 5  
Oct 20, 2018   #3
thanx i will take an account your opinion, i wrote this with samples from worldwide because i was taught like that. thank you i will consider it and will try to resolve

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