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A situation of the government schools and their students

Tanveer775 2 / 9 2  
Dec 3, 2017   #1
Hello everyone,

While I start my topic, it is a request to correct my sentences and not just how should the essay/topic be. This is because telling me how an essay should be written will not tell me how should my sentences be. I hope you can understand.

the condition of the education

In general, In most of the governments schools, you may not find all teachers available for their respective classes to teach the students. Generally, the students do a self study and pass the exams. One of the reasons that the teachers don't take the classes is because the students are not interested, however, it doesn't make sense at all.

Based on the interest the teachers and the staff has to teach and guide the students, mostly students waste their time in useless things or bunk the classes. They are unaware of the consequences they might face in the future. Just because 2-3 periods were taken by the teachers everyday, the students cannot afford to attend 7 or 8 periods in a day in the school. sometimes when the principle becomes very strict and pressurizes the teachers to take the classes, in such cases all 7-8 periods are taken by the teachers and as a result, students gets exhausted. They feel like they have no energy left in them and they don't want to listen a single word related to study after the school is over.

They are very energetic when it comes to sports or any sport's competition. They just don't want to spend much time in study but you can ask them for any sports or games, they are always ready for that.

When it comes to a government schools, the first thing that comes in everybody's mind is that the student of this school would certainly not be a sharp student in study. He/she would definitely not know good english and would hesitate to face the public if a situation arises. As a matter of fact, this is not their fault. The people have such mentality about them because of the school environment. They teachers neither pay the required attention on students nor they involve them in such activities that they can speak in front of anyone confidently.

The only thing they get is the school. They can tell anyone that they go to school and they have their report card so that they can go for their further studies.

Kindly mention the wrong sentences and then yours with the correction if required.
Thank you so much.

giangchu210 1 / 2  
Dec 4, 2017   #2
... have no energy left in them ...
I think u should use "living in them"
... they don't want to listen a single word ....
listen to a
... or any sport's competition---> sports'

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