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[IELTS] letter-writing skills will disapear, agree or not?

kelp0308 4 / 15  
Apr 1, 2011   #1
More and more people use the mobile phone or computer to communicate, and no longer write letters to each other. Some people think the skills of letter writing will soon disappear completely. Do you agree or disagree? How important do you think letter-writing is?

In this day and age, with the widespread use of computers and mobile phones, modern technology has transformed our lives in terms of communication. Some believe that letter-writing skills will diminish in future. Personally, I can agree with this view.

It is evident that people rarely write letters to each other, which stems from two main reasons. People especially young folks typically use mobile phones and computers as common tools in contacting others. As an old fashion, letter-writing has been neglected by the mass particularly those youngsters who even never use it. Therefore, when the children grow up, it is not uncommon to see that they are unable to write a letter, let alone mastering the technique to make a nice one. Further, schools and parents do not place enough emphasis on the education of writing letters. The reason for that involves the recognition that letter-writing is not essential as it has nothing to do with the employable skills and academic scores. However, the history tells us that great writers like Lu Xun and Zhu Ziqing treated letters as unique artworks. From Newton to Einstein, their contributions to the science are largely dependent on the correspondences with other researchers. As a result, letter-writing plays a significant role in the advancement of our society.

On the other hand, it seems that modern technology can also promote people's letter-writing skills. I admit that email and mobile phones make our daily communication more efficient and less time-consuming. Specifically, emails are similar to mails because they all require people's reading and writing. Even so people cannot grasp the essence of letter-writing through clicking the keyboards. It is the emotional interaction and deeply thinking that makes letter-writing a art, not a ordinary skill.

To sum up, technological innovations such as computers and mobile phones truly boost the communicative efficiency and afford more comfortable lifestyle; nevertheless, they cannot replace the status of letter-writing in our lives, mentally and culturally.

I am not sure whether I've done a good job. Plz help me with it.
ARIA 16 / 43 1  
Apr 1, 2011   #2
Hi chao

Your essay is perfect. I think it needs just some minuscule changes. I prefer not to tell those as mistake and as a kind of different taste in writing. I think it would be better to include your reason as a "thesis statement" in introduction.

For example:
"Personally, I can agree with this view, because the technology easily replaced the quality of letter-writing with activities such as chatting or sending informal email writing. Moreover, there is no mandatory program in high school curriculum to force students a better writing skill."
OP kelp0308 4 / 15  
Apr 2, 2011   #3
I think it would be better to include your reason as a "thesis statement" in introduction.

Thanks for your advice, but maybe I prefer to a more simple opening paragraph style; even so your way really makes the point clear at the very beginning.

Again, thanks alot.
butterbescotch 6 / 41  
Apr 3, 2011   #4
The essay is good. I reckon you're talking about handwritten letter. However, the importance pf letter-writing is not diminishing. Letter-writing is mandatory to business transactions and connections that require written arrangement. Letter-writing does not play essential role in our daily lives if you talk about casual communication. There are much more convenient methods to use and have quicker response.
OP kelp0308 4 / 15  
Apr 3, 2011   #5
Thanks for your points. You know, as a student, maybe I don't have a sense that letter-writing is still essential in business
and politics as well. To my best knowledge, I really think that it disappear from the life of mine.
butterbescotch 6 / 41  
Apr 3, 2011   #6
Naah, I totally agree. I don't encounter it because I'm also a teenager. But as I observe, it is really important. For instance, you can be neglected for a job for a poor letter-writing skills.

Anyways, there are many templates on how the a letter should look like. Perhaps people are taking it for granted, but it still it exist.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Apr 4, 2011   #7
I agree with the others: you write very well!

However, the thesis statement is missing.

Personally, I can agree with this view.

I think that after this sentence you should give your thesis statement before ending the first paragraph. Google around about how to write a good thesis statement! The essay will be so great if you write a sentence that expresses the main message of the essay... and put that sentence at the end of the first paragraph.

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