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TOEFL (Small University of Big University)

vickey 9 / 18  
Jun 12, 2012   #1
Q: Some students prefer to attend a small university. Others prefer to attend a big university. Discuss the advantages of each. Then indicate which type of university you prefer? Use specific reason and details to support your answer.

It is controversial issue to tell which is better, small university or big university. Each one has its own advantages; the small university gives students share close relationship, on the other hand, the big university supports great range of facilities. However, I prefer small university to big university because of the following reasons; it gives more chance to strengthen relationship with peers, less student per professor can give more academic benefit to the students, also the small university gives the students have more chance to apply for scholarship or recruiting.

The first reason I prefer the small university is its cohesion. The small university usually has small students and small professors. It means they have more chance to know each other than the big university. It can strengthen their relationship. I also graduated from small university. When I graduated from the school, I could know almost students in my school. It helped a lot when I started my career even though I only know the alumni's name.

Secondly, the small university professor teaches less students than big university's professor. It means, professor can easily concentrate each student; the professor can care each students individually. It is a lot of benefit for students and professor.

The last reason, the small university students can have more chance to apply for scholarship or recruiting. If same amount of scholarship or recruiting opportunities are given each university, the small university students can easily get because of less competition.

Moreover, the big university students have to struggle for taking certain subject since there are too many students.
In conclusion, the small university is better than the big university because they can give more opportunity for financial aids or recruiting, and they can easily achive academic goal since the professor can care more detail, and strengthen their relationship. Although the big university can give bigger campus with perfect facility, if the students cannot enjoy properly, it is useless.

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