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Smoking is harmful for people's health, but making it illegal is not the only way to stop it

Cruella 7 / - 5  
Nov 27, 2015   #1
Smoking is a habit which claims many lives and is a great drain on health services. One way to combat smoking would be to make it illegal.

What are the pros and cons of such a government policy? What alternative strategies can you suggest to combat smoking?

The idea of smoking causes deterioration in health, which is a burden for healthcare services, makes some people think that it should be banned. If smoking prohibition is considered as the official policy, this would bring advantages and disadvantages to government and their populace. However, this is not the only way; from my perspective, there are still other solutions could be considered to stop smoking.

The upsides of smoking prohibition are considerably various. To stop smoking helps to protect others' health, especially pregnant women and children. According to a research released by World Health Organization, people who smoke passively get lung cancer ratio three times as higher than people who smoke directly. Moreover, this policy also reduces pressure on public healthcare services because money is significantly invested in cures for lung cancer, whilst this money could be saved for other inevitable disorder medicine instead.

Nonetheless, there are also the downsides of forbidding smoking. It is true that cigarette addicted people could not give up smoking easily, so the government should empathize. If this policy was released, people who get used to smoking would feel their privacy taken, which may evoke intense rebellious responses from community to government. This could make the society unstable, culminating in politic risks for the government.

Because of these serious disadvantages, following remedies should be considered instead. First of all, mass media and realistic campaigns could be conducted to raise the awareness of crushing grave consequences of smoking; as a result, this might encourage populace to gradually give up this harmful habit. Furthermore, government might increase taxes on cigarette in order to decrease the consumption of this kind of product.

To sum up, smoking is harmful for people's health, but making it completely illegal is not the only way to stop it. Government should conduct health education campaigns about the danger of smoking to discourage people from this.
akbarmappiare 31 / 469 275  
Nov 30, 2015   #2
Hi Cruella.
I guess you should improve your essay, especially at pros and cons of smoking. You should give strengthening at your statements. I guess you need specific explanation at example which you describe. For instance, why you said that make the society unstable, you should explain more specific. In addition, you should add a sentence at the last paragraph because you need least three sentence to make a paragraph. I believe that you have ability to explore your idea.

Good Luck..

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