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Ekaputri17 6 / 12 7  
Mar 19, 2019   #1
Social media has completely changed the way family and friends communicate with each other. What are the other reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?

the interaction of family and friends and social media

The attendance of social media platform is not only the aspect that has altered the interaction of family and friends, but the busy work and shifting moral values should be taken into consideration. While social media itself has caused young people to become addicted to virtual friends, the short time needed for sending a text is an extremely positive development of this.

Two of other reasons having changed people communication in family and friends are busy work and ignorance of some moral values. When people experience full-time work, employees spend much time in the workplace, and it means they interact more with their peers rather than with family. In this circumstance, people sometimes are measured based on their contribution or position regardless of age, and so giving such higher respect to older people no longer to be implemented. For example, a young person as the company's manager would not hesitate to speak louder to their driver when he comes late to pick his boss, and this rule also applies if the driver is younger. Compared to the past, people should be polite to older people in terms of to communicate as the norm of society regulate this strictly and tend to give a higher mandate to them.

The merits of the social media cannot be underestimated since the invention of this, people simply text others taking only a few seconds to receive compared to the use of letters which take a lot of time to arrive. However, the usage of the old-fashioned message is more secure than the digital one as the latter full of human oversight who can access and if the programmers are not responsible they might take over to use in crime way. In fact, the government has established a structured system that even though the operators recruited run their task professionally, the machine observers are still used to double protect in the user account. Until now, there is a very view case recorded about hackers who successfully access someone's account for a long time.

In conclusion, apart from the presence of social media, the tendency people spend much time in the workplace and the difference in some moral values compared to the past has changed the form of people communication. However social media is accepted to bring more benefits than advantages because today distance cannot limit people to communicate.
Rich Monte 2 / 94 2  
Mar 20, 2019   #2
You've got a very good point about using the "old-fashioned" communication (like letters); people would generally be able to write anything they wanted in letters, but with social media, if something goes beyond the established "norms", your post will be hidden / banned. The essay is very good; you could also touch the aspect of freedom of communication and possible privacy issues resulting from social media.