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Social Networking and Knowledge Sharing (Chevening Essay)

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Nov 1, 2020   #1

application to be selected as a Chevening awardee

I believe communication skills are necessary for networking. Networking is great for sharing ideas and knowledge, people use to build social networks or social relationships with others through various platforms. In my opinion, forming a connection does not only require communication skills but also must be influential. The connection is the most important thing in life.

In 2019, I decided to work as a Village Facilitator for the Peat Restoration Agency of Indonesia (BRG RI). Peat care village is a program that functions to restore the hydrological function of the peat ecosystem. During the dry season in 2019, 60 village facilitators from 7 provinces discussed the initiative to take action to tackle peatland fires in their respective villages. We agreed to distribute N-95 masks to priority villages affected by the fire smoke. The distribution is prioritized for small children, pregnant women, and residents with special needs. I empowered women to improve the economy through purun product crafts from all villages on the island of Sumatra. As a fresh graduate, the things that I got on campus became more and more developed. Through this work, I have had the opportunity to grow my network. I had the opportunity to discuss with representatives of government agencies, health institutions, infrastructure, services, education, and others. I realize that the success of a program must be supported by the collaboration of each stakeholder. As a result, the village under my guidance is free from forest and land fires and has been able to run the economy through purun products. This success strengthened the trust between villagers and extension workers, making it easier for future program planning. Besides that, I also learned a lot from the many people I met during the process. Indirectly, connections and communications are made professionally and personally.

If I am selected as a Chevening awardee, I will be able to join Chevening communities to develop my network with fellow international students in the UK. Upon the completion of my study, I plan to maintain this relationship by developing social media (Instagram, Whatsapp Group, Facebook, Twitter) as communication tools to share our stories. I believe that sharing various Chevening scholarship activities can provide new insight to others, and of course, open up useful discussion spaces. Through many relationship-building activities, I believe that this will impact my future career.
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Nov 1, 2020   #2
What you did was explain how you met XXX, and what you did when you met, you did not get to give an example of how you later used XXX to improve your career.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,978 3867  
Nov 2, 2020   #3
This is more of a leadership and influencing essay instead of a networking essay. You have shown that you have the ability to negotiate, plan, and enact activities. Your sense of empowering women and pushing to get things done as a fresh graduate shows leadership potential. Do not use this as a networking essay as it is not classified as one. Instead, develop the discussion more on the side of leadership and influencing based on a local government scale. That way, you show your actual potential to become a national leader in the future. You have the potential to create a strong leadership and influencing essay with this paper. You should not use it as a networking essay. Instead, write a new networking essay that instead, discusses how you created a network of companies and support groups to help you build an image as an efficient networking developer. Connect the network to your leadership essay based on the need for these companies to assist in your plans for this project. If you can connect the two essays, without mixing them up in the networking essay, then you will have a strong networking essay presentation.

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