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Essay about social responsibility in business -

trucjimi 1 / -  
Jan 19, 2022   #1

As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, more and more businesses do not make efforts to seek profit but also contribute to society as one of their missions. I completely agree with the assertion that businesses should repay society through corporate social responsibilities.

On the one hand, the business has existed as an economic entity characterized by activities aimed at making money which makes sense to agree profit is also a critical objective of any enterprise. Business needs money to cover its running costs for survival and growth. Paying operating fixed costs like Ground-Hired costs and variable costs like material, employee wage,... is the most basic requirement if you want to maintain your business. Besides, intense competition for companies to constantly innovate and refine their products and services as well as capture and meet customer insights. Moreover, employees need more training and fringe benefits encouraging them to work more effectively and efficiently, as a result, business performance increase. If a company is unable to ensure its normal run, all responsibilities are frivolous.

On the other hand, companies should not be run with the sole aim of maximizing profit; they have a responsibility to contribute to a better society. Firstly, they should be concerned about their inside society, more specifically, employees. For example, they should pay a decent salary to ensure the standard quality of life for workers. Secondly, companies could use a proportion of profit helping people in difficult circumstances or improve the environment. This kind of activity not only better society but also be considered a way to upgrade brand image lead to increased sales thereby increasing profits. Business and society will be in a win-win relationship.

In conclusion, I believe that in addition to profits, businesses should focus on social obligations which will create a win-win relationship for society and the company
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,696 4119  
Jan 20, 2022   #2
Excellent work on the simple prompt restatement + personal opinion presentation. There is a clear understanding of the topic sentence, its basis, and the discussion instruction as provided in the original presentation.

While the writer showed great promise in the first paragraph, his reasoning fell apart in the next paragraph where he decided to explain why the contrary opinion is correct alongside his own opinion. Being a single opinion essay, the writer should have been clued in by the discussion question in relation to his reasoning paragraphs. He should have defended only the relevant reasons to his opinion or, shown why the contrary opinion is incorrect when compared to other considerations for the same reason. That is done in the same paragraph using the format:

- Contrary reason sentence
- Contrary reason defense
- Writer's opinion of said reason
- Writer's explanation of the fault present in the contrary reason

By using that format, the writer will have properly used both sides of the discussion to strongly defend his opinion. However, the writer used a different format that does not follow the correct discussion pattern. Therefore, the writter will only get a score for the 2nd reason that supported his opinion. This means that the essay might get a passing score, even though it will be considered to be less developed in reasoning than it could have been. Always remember, an agree or disagree essay is always discussed based on the defense of the writer's opinion alone.

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