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IELTS; The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising!

nzx7jv 4 / 4  
May 26, 2011   #1
The society would benefit from a ban on all forms of advertising because it serves no useful purpose, and can even be damaging. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Advertising has been blooming in the past decades due to the ever soaring development of commercial industry. However, some think it serves no useful purpose, and can some times be damaging, thus all forms of advertising should be banned. In my opinion, not all froms of advertising is useless and some would even play a positive role in improving the society.

The origin of advertising rooted in the very beginning of commercial industry. Advertisements were printed on newspaper and broadcast on air in order for a good sale. The basic concept goes on for centuries. Today there are so many forms of advertisements that they may become annoying sometimes. Admittedly some advertisements were misleading, deceptable, or even damaging to customers because the products are not as good as they are claimed to be. For instance, the advertisement of "san lu" milk for infants has been broadcast for so many year and the products have earned customers' trust throughout china, however years ago incidents have been reported that infants have suffered from kidney stones after using the product, only to find the milk has an ingredient that is far beyond national standard. This kind of advertisement should certainly be banned for the benifit of society.

Nevertheless, not all products on advertisements are fake or harmful. Cooperates and companies nowadays needs advertisement in order to survive in fierce competition. These kinds of advertisement should not be banned, otherwise huge impact would affect the business and commercial world. Beside there are other forms of advertising that we call public-interest advertisement, aims in broadcasting healthy concept in helping to make a better world, such as protecting environment or eliminating discriminations. Never should any advertisment in this form be banned but they should even be encouraged.

So the question lies in whether there is a mechnism to filter the unnecessary and farmful advertisement. It is the duty of governments and media organizations to establish such a system to make sure that customers are the beneficiaries of the advertising, rather than being the victoms.

To conclude, not all forms of advertising should be banned, and those which have a positive inflence to the society should be preserved.


Can I get a 7 in ielts writing? Thanks for the valuable advice!

yoyolo 5 / 13  
May 26, 2011   #2
I think you write too much for a Band 7 in real IELTS exam. And, the conclusion should not just a one simple sentense. Don't you think so?
OP nzx7jv 4 / 4  
May 26, 2011   #3
The problem is that I still can't finish the whole essay within 40mins... this one cost me about 1.5hr..
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
May 26, 2011   #4
I don't know what score you will get, because I do not know what criteria they use for scoring, but I think you write well and your errors are minor.

I'll make a few corrections:
In my opinion, not all forms of advertising are...

The origin of advertising is rooted ...

Cooperates Companies nowadays need advertisements in order to ...

...and harmful advertisement. It is the duty ...

I'm sorry you are having trouble writing in 30 minutes! Keep practicing, and you'll improve your skill. It must be frustrating, though!
yoyolo 5 / 13  
May 28, 2011   #5
I am afraid that you have to finish it within 40 mins. I have the same trouble as you do and I got the exam very soon... Just put a watch beside and force yourself to do so. Good luck!

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