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Society should challenge what people in authority claim to be true

alphatio 2 / 8  
Jul 22, 2012   #1
Challenge people in authority are sometimes acceptable. When people in authority doing wrong things, it may leads to the loss of time and resources. It is necessary for individuals to determine the right of the given order. For instance, the event that related to large amount of people, should be carefully review by the performer, and may question against the wrong things. However in some culture, challenging the authority may lead to the conflict and even loss more time.

The authority's orders which are related to a lot of people should be review seriously before it had been done. It is need for the performer to think thoroughly before perform any actions. For instance, the great flood in Thailand last year, the authority claimed that the barriers are strong enough to protect the living area, however, just for a couple of days, the barriers was collapsed and caused a lot of damages.

In some lines of command such as military, it's somewhat hard to challenge the authority, however, acts that against the moral such as raping and torturing are far more unacceptable. For some cultures, especially the eastern, challenging against the authority is the serious offense. The student, for instance, can't think against the teacher in class. It is; however, limit the ability and imagination of students.

Challenging the authority is quite a normal thing in the western culture, which can be a good thing to save time and resource. It's also encouraging the use of democracy. However, for some parts of the World, it's a serious problem to challenge against the authority. It is need for one to determine the construct of the society before perform any challenging, and yet with politeness and sincerity for the better mean of group or society.

deepakbaniya 3 / 92 2  
Jul 22, 2012   #2
Challengeingpeoplein authorityies are sometimes acceptable

doing wrong thingsmake wrong decisions

It is needneeded

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