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Solar Powered Heating System and Location Options for Solar Panels

irsaqisthi 3 / 6 5  
Dec 15, 2019   #1

the solar power used for heating

The diagram depicts water heating system with solar power and location alternatives for solar panels installation.

Overall, the water heating system powered by solar produces and transfers the energy to raise water temperature. Also, there are two positions and several rules for solar panels installments.

As its name suggests, solar powered water heating system takes energy from the sun to heat up water. The sun's energy is collected by solar panels to keep thermal fluid at a high temperature. The fluid is pumped using controller to provide heat to the coil. In the water tank, cold water is stored and boiled using the heating coil then delivered to taps and shower.

To optimise the sun's energy, the solar panels can be installed on the roof or ground at a 90° angle to the sun. When placed on the roof, the panels are above any blockages though it may be difficult for cleaning and maintenance. But it's the other way around if the panels are installed on the ground. In any case, the panels should face south and not be obstructed by trees or any other objects.

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Dec 15, 2019   #2
Thanks for this essay submission. Let me start with the introduction. I dont think you have a problem with the opening paragraph. However, you need to pay attention to word order, like solar panels installation which needs to be changed into the installation of solar panels or solar panel installation.

Instead of writing two positions, you'd better use two possible positions. Again, you come up with this solar panels installments., as I told you, you cannot use plural nouns as the modifier. Just write solar panel installments

Omit this phrase As its name suggests as it brings little value. Avoid using unnecessary phrases that makes your report bulky. Write succinctly.

heating system takes ABSORBS energy

When placed on the roof, the panels ...

though it may be difficult for cleaning and maintenance The flow of the sentence is being interrupted, so you need to change this. Let me give you a try: Although maintenance work to clean them may take time.

But it's the other way ... It is good not to start with BUT and use a contracted phrase, like it's. Use HOWEVER, as the alternative one and fully write IT IS

Overall, you need to pay attention to grammar, sentence flow and cohesive devices. Put more concern on these improvements.

Hope this helps

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