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Soldiers experiences in Iraq, World War II, Vietnam.

sadly204 1 / -  
Mar 23, 2009   #1
good morning !
I have to research paper with topic, "Research soldiers' experiences in present war in Irag to compare them to those of World War II or Vietnam."

i have to witer on page Issue Proposal, I did it and this is my Issue Proposal

I am interested in reading about World War II, so I choose the topic about the differences and similarities in Iraq and Vietnam wars. I want to learn about how World War II differs or is like the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Therefore I want to know how the greatest disparity between the two wars is that of scale, and moreover, why the differences between the conflicts in Iraq and Vietnam have struck me more forcefully than the parallels. For example, who must be responsible for the massacres of Vietnam and Iraq wars?

From this topic, I know that, the Vietnam War was also referred to as the Second Indochina War. It was fought between the communist North Vietnam and the US supported South Vietnam. It lasted from 1959 to April 30, 1975. Especially, many people died in My Lai massacre. During the wars, there were so many people had lost their lives. Besides that, I have a great understanding of what war really means and a good point of view of how the soldiers have given up their lives to protect the countries. Moreover, I have a broad picture of the hardships that the soldiers have to endure throughout the war such as facing the scene of people dying everyday, the lack of healthcare, the fear of not ever seeing their family again, and the fear of dying, etc.)

I have many things to learn about the histories of America and Vietnam. How did the wars affect the people of the countries? Since I was a child, my grandparents have always telling me stories about the Vietnam War and the hardship that people at that period of time had to undergo, however, those are just the stories passed down from my grandparents. I want to do more research and gain more understanding of the Vietnam War.

Now I need three articles on my chosen topic, and my goal is to summarize the article in one paragraph to respond in Exploratory Exploratory Paper.

Therefore, i need everyone gives me some ideas and three articles for my research paper.Please help. Thank you to everyone.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,339 129  
Mar 23, 2009   #2
No, actually, you don't even need that! This is going to be great. All you need to do is Google your topic's key words for articles and the articles, themselves, will provide the ideas you need. That is how it is supposed to be; mash 3 articles together with your own intellect, and see what you create!

For the opening paragraph, get more specific. For example, for the wars you choose, compare the soldiers' perceptions of the war, their percieved roles and their perceptions of whether the war was just and good.

That way, you can have an interesting intro paragraph, and you can get specific sources.

Google: vietnam soldiers perceptions


iraq soldiers perspectives

Choose high quality articles by good, reliable sources.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Mar 24, 2009   #3
This could be a very interesting topic. You'll probably end up focusing more on the differences than the similarities yourself, though. In fact, apart from the fact that both wars involved America, they have very little in common.
Mustafa1991 8 / 373 4  
Mar 25, 2009   #4
This is a compare/contrast on the soldiers' experiences, not on the wars themselves, the way I see it.

That said, coincidentally we had an assignment to analyze some poems about war, from vietnam and iraq.

Here they are, if they should be of any relevance to you.

Brian Turner "2000 lbs" about a suicide bomber in iraq

Bruce Weigl "Song of Napalm" vietnam

Tim O Brien "Vietnam in Me" My Lai massacre in vietnam (Short story)

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