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Should we solve problems by ourselves?

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Aug 29, 2017   #1
PROMPT: It's more important to use your own knowledge and experience than ask others' knowledge and experience to solve problems.

Different people have different ways to tackle problems. Some hold the opinion that dealing with obstacles based on our own knowledge and experience is more significant than turning to others for help. However, in my perspective, we should use a different strategy when encountered with different problems.

To begin with, when we met obstacles in a new field and have absolutely no clue how to solve them, then I think asking for others' help is the most efficient way to handle the problem. To illustrate, when the obstacle occurs, it might require much fundamental knowledge to solve it, however, it is impossible for a person to master the knowledge in all realms. Rather than handling it alone, asking for others will save us both time and energy to get the efficiency improved. Take my experience, for example, I major in Economics, once I was dealing with a task about pricing, in the process, I met many Mathematics problems. Lacking the sophisticated mathematics skills and basic knowledge, I have no clue how to tackle them by myself. But it impossible and inefficient for me to learn the knowledge with the limited time, I turn to one of my friends for help. Under the assistance, I finished the project on time and the result turns out to be good. Doubtlessly, I could never finish the job without other's knowledge, but to learn the knowledge would not only cost me a huge amount of time but the knowledge itself is very likely to become useless for my further studying. Therefore, in such circumstances, other's help could be very important.

Another perspective should not be overlooked is that it is more important to solve the problems by ourselves if their purpose is to help us practice. For instance, it would not be appropriate for me to ask others to complete the homework for me. Such obstacles are designed for us to develop a new skill or master a certain knowledge. If we ask other's to help, meanwhile, we lost the opportunity to train ourselves. Imagine students always finish his homework relying on other's help. Lacking the practice, his ability in solving related problems will be enhanced, consequently, he will lag behind by others and the grade will be a disappointment without other's tutor during the examinations. So, it is crucial for us to handle the problem alone when it is about practicing and promoting our skills.

Moreover, we should also ask families and friends for help if we suffer from mental problems. As a human being, we all have mental issues more or less, but when it becomes severe enough, it is important to ask others for help. Without the ability to dealing with it ourselves, other's opinion and experience could be more objective and helpful. To illustrate, I once suffered from social obstacles. I moved to a new place when I was 13. In the new surroundings, I had a hard time adjusting myself thinking I was a loner. Being a stranger in the new environment, I felt I was excluded by everyone in the school. I decided to turn to my mother for help, and she took me to a therapist. From the meeting, she offered me useful strategies to deal with the problem and told me that it is normal to have such feelings when facing a completely new environment. In the end, the successfully overcame the challenges owing much to the assist of my mom and the therapist.

To conclude, we should take different strategies when facing different obstacles. Striking a balance between asking for and coping alone will lay a significant effect in our life.

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