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Solving traffic problems by taxing people who possess a car

nguyenduc 1 / -  
Aug 12, 2019   #1

the idea to tax car owners

In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?"

Upgrading transport infrastructure by allocating money from Rasing tax on vehicles especially on private car is considered to be an effective solution by the governments.This essay will examine both benefits and drawbacks of that solution .

On the one hand, the escalation individual car tax might cause indignation and exasperation . In fact ,some middle income and low income people already struggle with other expenditures such as on electricity or. water bill, which gradually increase due to the growth of the economy. In particular circumstances, those monthly payment not mentioned the transportation tax account on more than half of the total income of the breadwinner. The consequence is that it will worsen the relationship between the authorities and the citizens.Therefore,it is understandable that the mentioned solution might have reversed effects ,which can deteriorate the current situation.

On the other hand this policy may impede environmental degradation in some aspects.For instance, people who daily commute to work by private means of transport may consider using public transports as the alternatives since continuing driving cars to offices may cause a financial burden . In addition, there would be considerable renovation and modernization in terms of public transport facilities, which will ultimately reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.As a result this rule can benefit the community in different ways as well as combating global warming ,which is a head spliting issue human race have to tackle.

To sums up, this solution will inevitably bring both advantage and disadvatage,so the government should cautiously consider its efficacy before officially enacting.

Grahyta24 6 / 12 2  
Aug 12, 2019   #2
For the intro, you should: first, paraphrase the question.
for example:
Governments raise private car taxes and use the money for upgrading transport infrastructure in aims to subdue the traffic issues.

Upgrading transport infrastructure by ... the governments. Then(add your thesis statement). This essay will examine both ...

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