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TOEFL- Sometimes a situation demands people to do thing they do not like!

monamona 7 / 10  
Oct 29, 2011   #1
People should sometimes do things that they do not enjoy doing. Do you agree or disagree with this statement.

There is no doubt that everyone likes do thing that he or she enjoys it, and it is human's tendency. However; sometimes a displeased situation appears that we cannot ignore it. Save someone life, and taking care of someone .These are some examples that we have to do even if we do not like them.

To begin with, sometimes some natural disasters occur, such as flood, earthquake and hurricane. They cause a large number of problems. One of the most important of them which threatens people's life. Collapsing buildings on people an earthquake, trapping people in cars and buildings in an flood and hurricane. In these occasions the first aid can be ordinary people. Although these situations are not pleased, before arriving rescue team ordinary people can save many lives.

What is more, sometimes a situation occur that we have to take care someone, such as a patient. This patient can be one members of our family, or a friend or a neighbor. As much as taking care of someone is boring, time-consuming and displeased, we have to do it. Someday a problem, difficulty and disease come up for us, and maybe these people are the first people who help us.

In summary, no one likes to do things which they do not like them, however; sometimes a situation make them to do them to save a life or taking care of an patient.

Iridescent 1 / 4  
Oct 29, 2011   #2
The topic you chose to write on was extraordinarily awesome. You could do so much better under this topic but disappointingly as I read it, I sighed along the lines till the end. Seriously, I have the intention to debate on the examples you gave, totally illogical. You need to improve your vocabulary along with the material... and also, the cause you're aiming for.

Sincerely, no offence.

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