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US Space Project - English CLEP essay (space exploration!)

Racheli 2 / 1  
Dec 1, 2008   #1
US Space program, a need or leisure

Exploring space opened us to information not known to man beforehand. Many would argue that it is vital for mankind and science. However, the world today deals with quite a few dilemmas. Issues like hunger, disease, global worming, organized terror etc. seem to be of higher priority then space exploration.

The billions of dollars spent on the space program compared to the good it brings to mankind are non existent. Money spent on each space project yields small scientific developments such as the living on different planets or agricultural news. That exact amount could instead feed many hungry children, create jobs for the unemployed, build energy saving plants and find medications for cancer and AIDS.

The many scientific minds occupied with the space program are a loss to development and research in other areas of science. There are countries in Africa still fighting for enough water and food. As well as refugees in terror infested countries that do not have basic sanitation or medication. The brilliant scientific minds employed by NASA must come together to solve those painful world problems.

The solutions to the immediate dangers of the world are not found in space exploration. The US government must realize for the good of the country and the rest of the world that global warming, famine, disease, lack of education and therefore employment and the terror that has been attacking the world lately are some of the issues that must be solved. The space program should be cut down to a minimum and allow for salvation on earth first.

EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Dec 1, 2008   #2
Space exploration has made information available to us that previously unimaginable.

Issues like hunger, disease, global warming ...

...to be of higher priority than space exploration.

Also, we have refugees in terror infested countries...

...should be cut down to a minimum and use our resources for salvation of earth first.

Good points, I agree with you!


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