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Space travel in the moon is a big step for mankind, but didn't contribute to our life

Rini 2 / 2  
Sep 5, 2011   #1
Whether space travel made any changes in our regular lives is a matter of debate. There are, of course, several argument for or against such a development.

It is certainly true that exploring space was a great achievement for the scientist. They have discovered existence of life there which means that it has all the criteria to support human life. And thus they are also hoping that in future people we spend there holiday in moon or will start living there in some point after destruction of the world. But the question is how this invention helping most of the citizen?

After travelled to space scientist has sent satellite to monitor weather. It saves many people lives by giving forecast about upcoming natural disaster like hurricane ,tornado or earthquake. Furthermore, satellite channel in television or radio are the main source of entertainment for most of the citizen of the world. We can not only watch the drama or movies of different countries but also be able to get instant news from any part of the world which would be impossible with out the help of satellite.

However , it is also true that travelling to space is highly expensive. only few development countries of the world can afford this because of its high maintenance.it is also not unknown to us that a spaceship emerge enormous gases to the air which leads to environmental pollution .While our half of the nation are in hunger ,illiterate or in unsettled condition due to financial crisis, I , therefore believe that this space travel cost us more than its merits.

To conclude, I think although space travel has bought some changes in our life but it has very less contribution in our daily life.

(Hi, Could you please evaluate my writing as I am really strugling to achieve 7score in my IELTS. Your openion will be so much valuable for me to improve my writing.Thanks)
isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Sep 6, 2011   #2
helloo, i find you essay a bit confusing. you are jumping from one idea to another without clearly defining what you are saying. but one a whole it was okay. i think your problem relies more on content rather than grammatical errors
OP Rini 2 / 2  
Sep 6, 2011   #3
Thanks Isabella for you valuable advise.I also noticed that.I dont know why my brain always get frozen if I try to produce some think in a limited time period.But I will practice more by following all of your advises.

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