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[IELTS WRITING TASK 2] Speeches over Writings?

hyperephania 10 / 27  
Aug 1, 2020   #1
Task 2:

Some people think spoken communication is more powerful than written communication.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Given the rise of heart-touching speeches, sublime propagandas and emotionally inspiring declaration, many a person have purported that writings, in this modern world, must be something woefully inferior to conversations. I, however, vehemently oppose such a claim. Howbeit indeed appearing somewhat low-key, compared to speeches, every other piece of writing still is inherently crucial to this civilization.

On the one hand, writing practices empower critical thinking. By practicing which, it polishes up our very abilities to put statements in right order, along with picking up the most appropriate words to fit in the context. We, after all, can emotionally brag about every-made-up-thing without even knowing what we are saying, yet still get others engaged in which. Nevertheless, should we be that heedless in writing, the end-product will be any less of an unreadable text, nor will it appeal to anyone.

On the other hand, as writing has only a restricted place for emotions, every piece of written words hardly tolerates biases, personal judgment, nor any emotionally-distorted arguments. Writing is a place of criticism and skepticism, yet rarely soaked in enraged emotions as in speeches. As a rule, people must have all too often found speeches more inspiring, emotional and heart-touching because of this very reason.

Nonetheless, the impacts of speeches still appear insurmountable to writings. Spoken communication, after all, costs less mind power, whilst appealing to more people, and inherently more able to be reached out by more people.

In a nutshell, writings still are critical to many people, for they propose the opportunity to better one's critical thinking, logical order and word choices, whilst doing away with biases, which are the core of speeches.

Any comment would be appreciated. If possible, please give me a score for this essay.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,097 3254  
Aug 1, 2020   #2
Scoring of essays are a part of our private review and URGENT review services. It is no longer part of the free essay review services. You may consider one of the two advanced review suggestions by emailing us directly. Our email address is in the homepage.


You are obviously trying to impress the examiner by using arachaic English words. That will have the opposite effect. You are scored not based on how well you know old English words. You are scored on your knowledge of current English words in relation to pop culture. You have to sound natural. Use everyday English words. That will help you score better overall.

Your use of flowery and complicated English words did not help your paragraph restatement and overall presentation. Your writing is uncomfortable for the reader. You should be focusing on the clarity and understanding of your paragraphs / sentences, rather than trying to dig into an unnecessary presentation of complicated discussions.

Your English statements actually lack clarity. For example, " writing practices empower critical thinking". That statement does not make sense. However, saying "writing empowers a person with critical thinking" then the presented statement makes sense to the reader. This is the overall problem of your presentation, there is no clarity in the statements you made. It confuses the reader and provides a stressful reading experience. This problem will result in the lowest possible GRA score for your essay.

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