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(WRITING IELTS TASK 2) Spending too much money on national celebrations. Agree or disagree?

tuquyen1910 1 / -  
Aug 8, 2018   #1
PROMPT The government and individuals are spending too much money on national celebrations like new year or festivals. Do you agree or disagree?

expensive celebrations for public fun?

Tradition should be respected, which leads to a burgeoning increase in the money spent on national holidays. As the result, the question of whether spending a great deal of money on festivals is necessary remains highly controversial. From my perspective, maintaining the quality of the festivals is important.

It is clear that there are more urgent issues that should be tackled. For example, reinforcing infrastructure in most of the countries in the world is crucial. Besides, many schools over the world are now undergoing a terrible education system and need solving immediately. Sometimes, revenue cannot justify the cost. Countries should also exchange their cultures with others to create a multicultural society and enrich their relationships with other nations. It is a marvelous opportunity for the government to expand the economy.

Nevertheless, national celebrations are the best way to promote happiness among citizens. People always find out a way to assist them in escaping from dull life. Should the government resolve it, the conflicts among residents will arise. By the way, concentrating on the quality of the events is attributed to the flourishment of tourism. Like, tourism in Vietnam has become worldwide thanks to the decoration in holidays, which stimulates the visitor's curiosity. It is also a perfect way to launch culture to the world.

In conclusion, there are many drawbacks of festivals, but in my point of view, the government should capitalize on this measure to integrate into a globalized society and maintain public happiness to abolish outmoded tradition and develop the economy.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Aug 9, 2018   #2
Quyen, you have misunderstood the prompt discussion instruction. You are not being asked for your opinion regarding the need to maintain the quality of the festivals. The question being asked is whether you agree or disagree that people and the local governments are spending too much money on festivals. It is basically a yes or no question

Question: Do you agree or disagree?
Response: From my perspective, maintaining the quality of the festivals is important.

With that mistake, you failed the task accuracy portion of the test. Which then hinders the possibility of you scoring at least a 5 with this essay. You are not responding to the task requirement with your response because rather than saying whether you agree or disagree, you changed the instruction and chose to respond to a topic of your choosing instead. Such a prompt deviation creates complications with how the rest of your writing will be received by the examiner.

The proper approach to this essay would have been to say "I agree with this statement for a number of reasons" and then you can use 2 paragraphs to defend your stand. This is not an extent essay so you cannot "partially" agree or disagree with the statement. This is a one point of view response essay instead. We have numerous samples of those essays at this forum. I suggest you familiarize yourself with how those were written in order to learn from those who previously took and passed the test.

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