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IELTS: spending more money on promoting healthy lifestyle or treatment

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Jul 19, 2014   #1
Some people think it is more important for government to spend more money on promoting healthy lifestyle in order to prevent illnesses than the treatment for people who are already ill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Investing money on medical treatment can make people feel a higher general satisfaction of life,and thus facilitating the social stability.Once the medical facilities are built and treatments are improved,people who live in this city would have rights to experience high-efficient medical remedy,contributing to rapid and safe restoration of some rare diseases which cannot be treated with present medical technology.So,human beings,who suffer from rare and hard-to-treat illness ,could gain benefits from this trend and escape the obsession from sickness.

However,most illness are resulted from unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of physical training,so it is imperative that the government should spend more on healthy lifestyle to prevent the diseases on individuals. We should recognize that promoting a healthy lifestyle is important to a country because the country will have a healthy and productive workforce.This means that if people who pay more attention to their fitness,they are normally less likely to suffer from health problems;thus, this is a useful measure to prevent sickness citizens encounter.

Another advantage of putting money in promoting a healthy mode of life is that it can reduce the expenditure on medical care.The treatment in standard hospital where most people want to receive is very expensive ,especially for those who live under the average standard of living and have low income to scrape a living.Whether people would have a health state depends on whether they have a vigorous mental state and healthy life-style.

Consequently,People tend to be more energetic and less prone to health issues.

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