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IELTS-sports professional can earn a great more money than others

s_maryam 5 / 14  
Feb 9, 2011   #1
Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal more money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sports are of great importance to our life. No one can deny their effects in our health. Many people take part in at least one type of them in their life for entertainment/spare time. However there are some people who play sport as it is a way they work and make money.

Some people believe that professional athletes deserve to get more money. Firstly they devotes most of their time on exercising and particularly for heavy sports. It has dangerous impacts on their body. A good example here is weight lifters. So earning high paying might compensate such problems. Secondly their performances are assessed by many people all over the world and it puts them under severe pressure psychologically. Expectations make it hard for them to concentrate on their work. For example wrestling is one of the most popular sports worldwide and so is the result of its contest.

However others are of the opinion that it is unfair to pay sports professionals considerable salaries compared to workers in other important jobs. Anyhow sports are kind of entertainment and not so serious for the economical or social aspects of a country. While there are jobs which results are fateful to country's future, Politicians and government's employees that manage organization of country and approve law based on needs of society are good examples in this case.Moreover it is not justified since children are asked mainly to study their lesson at a first place and sports at the second importance. But the money devoted to sport shows an alternative.

In conclusion, there is a vast discussion on the issue of paying. But I think professional athletes deserve great money as it is their only job and they are responsible to perform well in it.

ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Feb 9, 2011   #2
- u can also add points that in the current scenario, money is blindly spent on sports persons. They have become a celebrity instead of an athlete..

- what about justification of the money they get? David Beckham gets millions of dollars just for hitting a goal. On the other hand, a soldier patrolling the borders of a country, burning himself in scorching heat and living on the edge gets just a small paycheck ??? A scientist who is working 20 hours a day to do research for us humans gets what...not even recognition (sometimes). Is David Beckham's goal or Sachin Tendulkar's six more important ? or a soldier's/scientist's work is more important?

- Athletes are being overpaid for sure...n the only reason it is because their field is glamorous. they are being watched by millions of viewers while a soldier gets no attention. Pepsi, Adidas, Puma, etc...they all will like to hire Christiano Ronaldo for an advertisement and not a team of scientists/soldiers who are working for us. Why? Because we our responsible for it. We will go and buy a Levi's jeans , just because Messi has signed on it , but we won't go and buy it if some unknown army man signed on it...

-players do represent the nation, but so do the soldiers and scientists. its the limelight, fame and glamour that get them hefty cheques and not their work for mankind. Entertainment is not everything in life. Companies, governments and other associations should raise their levels above this shallow approach...

whoaaaa...I have almost written my own essay here...lol...Maryam - these all are just suggestions... U can add or write on these points to make your essay a little more effective (according to me)

cheers and good luck :)
OP s_maryam 5 / 14  
Feb 10, 2011   #3
yep,you did great job!
thank you Ajit. Good Luck for your Ielts exam:)
uprightfellow 1 / 2  
Feb 11, 2011   #4
Hi Ajit !!

How do you generate such great ideas for writing? I really envy it, wish I could do the same for my IELTS.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Feb 11, 2011   #5
Hey buddy,
I really dont know if these ideas are good or bad, but these are just my personal feelings which i try to explain in words...read books of great men, no matter if they were heroes/villains in history..it helps..I havent read many books,just- Ignited Minds, Mein Kampf, Men are from mars woman are from venus, Autobiography of Napoleon Bonaparte, Holy Bible, the Quran, Ramayana and Mahabharata... Thats all... Just keep readin newspapers and watch news. thats enough to get u ideas flowing.
uprightfellow 1 / 2  
Feb 11, 2011   #6
Hi Ajit,

Do you mind correcting my IELTS writing if you have have time? I need band 7 on writing. Good luck for your todays IELTS exam. Your emai id would be great if you dont mind it.

Cheers mate,
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Feb 11, 2011   #7
It would be my pleasure to help anyone ,if I am capable of doing that. I have my exam on Saturday and Sunday after which i will try to give you new ideas. I am not sure about grammar, it comes like an instinct to me. However, I love to form new effective lines which are sarcastic yet very pleasant. So yes, I would help you my friend... But its my request as a loyal member of this website that you post your essays here so that all other students can also get ideas. ... This is a great website.
m00ny 2 / 20  
Feb 11, 2011   #8
Hey there s_maryam.
When do you have your IELTS exam? I am looking for someone to practise speaking, as it is my weak spot =). If you are up, please do contact me.
OP s_maryam 5 / 14  
Feb 13, 2011   #9
hi Moony,
actually mine is on 19th of Feb .you know,in less than a week!!and yours?
I recommend you using the technique of recording & playing your voice.I found it really beneficial.
Good Luck.
Chim Can Cook 10 / 23  
Feb 13, 2011   #10
with the IELTS duration, i think your essay is OK. Try to avoid unnecessary mistakes on grammar and misspelling.
Good luck!!!
OP s_maryam 5 / 14  
Feb 13, 2011   #11
oh,no moony.
try to be relax.you know I believe in the phrase : "everything will be ok in the end.If it is not ok,it's not the end."

wish u to get the best score.so that you get over the moon;)
m00ny 2 / 20  
Feb 13, 2011   #12
Hehe, great quote =) (the one with the ending).
Nah, I'm so NOT over the moon with my english knowledge =).

Many, many luck to you, dear IELTS fella =)

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